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Intel d915pbl mobo beebs then shuts down?

By Lovepotion69
Sep 13, 2009
  1. I recently received an intel d915pbl motherboard. I put in a Pentium 4 3.0 ghz chip and 4 gbs of RAM that I kno are compatible with the board. When I first started the mobo, I could see like 2 seconds of the computer starting up on the monitor but it didn't give me enough time to try and read if there is a problem because it just shut off right after. After that, whenever I try starting it up again it does the beebing and shutsdown without a visual on my monitor. When I try starting it up, it beebs 4 times & it sound a little like a cheap ciren lol(It sounds more like 1 long beeb because there are no pauses in between the beebs - one high pitched beeb, one low one, one high again, and another low pitched beeb). Another thing is that if I keep trying to turn it back on, it shuts down faster than the last time I tried turning it on. Eventually, it shuts down even before it finishes doing the beebing! I also figured that If I try taking my video card(1GB GeForce 9400 GT) out and puting it back in, it doesnt do the beebing on the 1st time I boot it but it shuts down before I can read anything on the monitor. After that Im back to where I started with the beebing, no visual on my monitor, and it shutting off after about 3 seconds it finishes beebing. Plz Help, idk what to do!
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  3. Lovepotion69

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    thnx, I suspected something like that.
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