Intel P67 Motherboard 5-Way Shootout

By Julio Franco ยท 27 replies
Apr 15, 2011
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  1. I have the MSI board and it has been phenomenally stable. I got my one touch oc genie overclock and my 2600K is running 4.2 stable and no problems. Sure it ups my voltage a little bit more but I'm not an overclocker at all and trying to learn. It gives me a good reference point to start.

    Also the higher grade components don't hurt. That $100 bucks saved went into my graphics card and being economical is the way to go these days.
  2. Realtek does in fact have information on the ALC892 codec on their website ( I'm not sure how long it has been up for though.
  3. champmanfan

    champmanfan TS Member Posts: 59

    Good to see all boards putting up a good fight there :)

    I have been running the Asus P8P67 Deluxe since it was launched and I'm now running the latest B3 revision board. The overclocking of this board is very easy (2600K) - got my watercooled setup to 4.6GHz 30c idle/57 load. I have pushed it to 4.7GHz but for gaming and general 24/7 I don't see the benefit unless I need to benchmark. Gaming is silky smooth when gaming on a i7-based rig. For cost/performance your going to want to buy the 2nd-gen.

    The four Sata3 ports are very generous and although I just have one 6GB/s HDD, I plugged my 3GB/s SSD in for good measure (may get the new OCZ 6GB/s though). The other four Sata2 ports were used for green storage. I love the RAM slots as only the top side has the clips rather than both ends. It makes removing RAM modules easy with a large 5970 installed.

    For improvements we could do with more board featuring 2 or 3 full 16-lanes (16x) rather than the usual combo of 16x, 8x, and 4x. If your buying these boards its because your going to stick a couple GPUs in there. No complaints with the layout of the board at all.

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