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Sep 1, 2008
  1. Right now i am using a Intel Pentium 3, been using it since 2000. Working just fine. I am buying a secondary computer, thnking about making it a P4, just curious how good is it and does it have SSE2 extensions and how does it compare against the P3?

    And also, how high does the speed go up to, 4ghz?
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    Thanks, also does Intel 4 computers shipped with PCIEX16 slots, because when i buy it, i want to be able to use either AGP and PCI-EX16 video cards.
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    Google this: 'Intel CPU motherboard AGP PCI express'

    The industery is working that way BUT you have to decide.

    As to 'computers' with that - well, they have to have one of those motherboards now don't they!

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    Yes, i will look for a gateway/intel 4 with AGP OR PCI & PCIEX16 slots.

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    There are only a few P4 CPUs available at the present time, and the prices are similar to the new Pentium Dual Core (E2xxx) series. These are far better processors, and you might want to investigate if the Mobo in which you are considering installing the P4, is (or could be made to be) compatible with one of these units.
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    Pentium 4, for normal use, not gaming, is the best that has ever been, when it comes to reliability and easy of use... for the price.
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    Legendary, get a Core 2 Duo instead of a Pentium 4, that is what I would do if I were you. You only need 2 cores for applications right now as hardly anything uses 4 cores I read. As for GPU slot type, get PCI-e 2.0 instead of regular PCI-e because 2.0 is twice as fast and will be cutting edge until 3.0 spec type is released.
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    Oprima Aqui.....>>>>> O <<<<<

    I'm not sure where you're going with this. I don't think Intel has dropped it's build quality, and almost any of the new CPUs will rip the P4 a new one with respect to performance. I suppose that to assess "quality" with respect to longevity, the new CPUs will have to be around for as long as the P4. I think the Cedar Mill P4s are a nice choice if you have a 64 bit board and BIOS. (6X1< numbers).

    As is my nature, I feel obligated to report that I haven't observed much difference in "ease of operation" between the 4 different CPUs I have owned recently. (Prescott Celeron. Cedar Mill Celeron, P4 Prescott, and an Pent dual Core E2200). They're all fairly easy to operate. I simply push the button on the front of the case, and away we go.
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    We have to set a few things straight here.

    You need a budget. People are suggesting things from super cheap to cutting edge.

    You need to list a use. Is this for browsing the internet and word processing or is this new PC going to be used for gaming? If so, what types of games are you trying to run?


    a. For light computer use, then a rig with a P4 will do you just fine. And checking the prices on ebay, they are a deal.

    b. If you are going to game, I read the mention of PCI-e in there somewhere, then you are best not to get a P4 machine, instead something more modern.

    And there is absolutely no need to worry about 64/vs 32 bit at this point, we need the answers to the questions above first most.
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