Intel, Samsung, Toshiba together aim for 10nm chips by 2016


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This would be nice if they can actually achieve what they want. I remember when hitting the 1000 Mhz barrier for processors was a huge deal, it was just a matter of time before they found a way to make the SSD chips smaller.


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Kepler expected to be 16times the performance of todays fermi with 22nm. Now i imagine how much stronger 10nm would be ?


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I saw a documentary ON History channel "someday or already aliens make a device that we can't see with our naked eye, can fly on earth, monitor us and fly back to the base" now I can believe those things. may be their intelligent is better than us. don't say aliens isn't exist, if you think so then you don't have to believe your existence. anyway we wanna all our gadgets into our palm hahaha....


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on the 3-bit-cell NAND that samsung made, isn't that gonna increase the chance of failure, From what I understand of SSD technology a MLC SSD which is 2-bit-cell works like a duplex, so if one goes bad you lose the whole cell, whereas with a SLC SSD one bit is one cell so loss is minimal. So with these 3-bit-cells aren't they creating the possibly of lower reliance on SSDs?


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The Americans, Koreans, and Japanese joining forces. Sounds pretty awesome to me. If NAND type memory falls dramatically, then perhaps SSDs will be the dominate hard drive tech in the near future, not the hybrids.


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Will it even be possible, what about the leaks between transistors? Previously they have said that the lowest they can achieve without leaks is 14-16nm, nice