Intel to add 64-bit capabilities to Prescott

By Julio Franco
Feb 17, 2004
  1. Although immediate plans only include server products, it's clear that pressure put by competitor AMD, forced the chip giant to announce 32/64-bit supporting technology way before than scheduled. The fact that Intel will be adding 64-bit to the same P4/Prescott core means that it could bring the technology to the desktop market at any time.

    Nocona processors for two-processor servers will arrive in the second quarter, Barrett said, followed quickly by Prescott processors with 32/64-bit capability for single-processor servers and workstations. Prescott and Nocona are functionally the same processor but differ in cache size and bus speed. The 32/64-bit technology will then come to chips for servers with four or more processors in 2005, Barrett added. (Technically, the chips are code-named Nocona and Prescott, and the 32/64-bit capability goes by the code name Clackamas.)

    Read more: CNet News.
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    i will now officially become an intel faboy again.
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