Internet explorer redirect to, virus sites etc..  Rootkit..?

By mattf76
Dec 16, 2009
  1. Hello,
    I see some people have had much success with virus and malware removal here. I have been fighting this for weeks almost a month now, I've paid Dell for their help and problem is still not resolved. My pc is a Dell desktop, windows vista, internet explorer browser. We have 4 user accounts set up as well. not sure if each are individually infected. two are for sure. dell has run many programs etc and no luck. Can you please help me fix this issue. I have concerns of it being in the computer. My pc is redirecting to anti-virus fraud links,, and other websites. when i google for things i select the link and it redirects me to many different bogus sites, also some are pop ups. please help. Also I am running pc-cillen 14 in back ground. I performed a backup of files as well as have my op system disk
  2. mattf76

    mattf76 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I ran the 8-steps and attached log files here

    log files after going through the 8 step preliminary program. Is there anything here that may cause my redirecting, and can my pc be fixed.
    Thanks in advance,
  3. mattf76

    mattf76 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fixed Maybe

    Sorry if i seem impatient, i realize this is a busy site. I woudl just like to say for myself and others this site is very helpful as well as those who are asssiting us. I think I may have fixed the issue, although I'm not for certain. After the 8 steps were completed, My internet explorer would keep closing telling me it wa snot responding and reopening to previous tab. I ran the windows updates and it seemed to work, however i was not on very long 5 min maybe. I previously attached my logs and was wondering if someone could look through them and let me know if they see anything still. Also i have removed all virus programs with exception of the bought program pc-cillen 14. If all of this has not fixed the probelm and i still have them, what should my next step be..?
    Thanks in advance!,
  4. mattf76

    mattf76 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    please help

    Could someone please help with this..
    Much Thanks,
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