iOS allows contacts to be uploaded without consent, Apple promises fix

By Rick
Feb 16, 2012
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  1. Apple has finally responded to privacy concerns following a recent discovery which shows some iOS apps have been silently uploading contact lists to remote servers. Apple intends to changeĀ this behaviorā€¦

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  2. People are much too cavalier about the security of their personal data on phones.

    Personally, I think this should've been addressed from day zero, from both Apple and Android, at an API level. Rather than take-it-or-leave-it permissions, why not just granular control - perhaps at a phone level? (e.g. list and manually select which applications are allowed contact access)

    If an app isn't explicitly allowed access to the contacts (or messages/emails), it'd be shown an empty list. If no internet access, it'd 404 etc..

    Developers would quickly adapt to the possibility. And any 1 buck games absolutely demanding contacts access to function would be downrated into oblivion.

    Seems a no-brainer to me.

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