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Jan 15, 2003
  1. poertner_1274

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    Well as far as I know, the one in your System32 folder should be the one that works in the command prompt. But as I said before, if you browse to C:\WINDOWS\system32, then run ipconfig. You might be able to get it to work that way.
  2. Phantasm66

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    Re: search

    The reason that you found 2 is because there is a working one in system32, and then the service pack files contains a version which was copied to system32 when you installed the service pack.

    The one in system32 is the one that will run if you run the command in a comand prompt, but the two files will be identical if you have installed the service pack.

    You don't need to do anything, just open command prompt and then type ipconfig.




    ipconfig /all

    will give you more information.
  3. JSR

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    both command prompt shortcuts flash the command prompt screen temporarily........only then to immediately close
  4. JSR

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    but......the command prompt secured from run or accessories tells me it is an unrecognizable command..........oh well, no biggie.............back to the drugs
  5. poertner_1274

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    JSR, you are going to START>>RUN>>then typing in command. Then once you are there you are typing ipconfig ????

    If you just type ipconfig from the RUN box it WILL disappear. You have to open a terminal first.
  6. JSR

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    i access the command prompt either through the cmd command in run or through accessories. ran the search, found it in the two locations as previously mentioned..........what it comes down to is there may be a variation on the command......for me at least..............it was accessed by some network tech .....in the past......but with a different command
  7. JSR

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    private network

    i wander into gibson research now nad then...picked up ip agent and had my system scanned.......i guess i am on a private network that has several ip addresses that are user specific and non scannable.........but, the command promt still says, for me, it is an invalid command....but , according to the scans ......i'm in stealth mode
  8. filthy_mcnasty

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    all the previous methods thus far work just fine.
    if you are completely lost then go into DOS....
    *Start, run, "command.com" *
    and type "netstat -n -a" it will list all local ips and foreign connections. if you cant find your proper ip from there then you shouldn't be dealing with an ip address anyways
  9. JSR

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    thx mcnasty..as i said......none of the dos commands work for me.........grc.com............came up with, that i was on a private network, as previously described
  10. Nodsu

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    None of the commands work probably because your command prompt configuration is messed up like PATH variables not set.
    Things have to work when you cd to the location the files are at and then run them.
  11. JSR

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    thx nodsu but

    reinstall windows to fix?...............not that i'd lose anything but, you know how that goes.............all the updates etc. etc....not worth it
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