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Dec 26, 2007
  1. Hi all, I'm new @ this so if'in i'm in the wrong place please direct me to the correct forum.

    When i go to START then RUN then CMD. Then i type ipconfig this is the message that appears......

    c:\Documents and Settings\default>ipconfig

    Windows IP Configuration

    An internal error occurred: The request is not supported.

    Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for futher help.

    Additional information: Unable to query host name.

    Now, I'm doing this because i cannot connect to the web. Well, i am connected or so it says in the Network connections window, but Explorer says that it cannot display the page. It does this with any page that I try to access. Am I making this harder than it has to be or what? All my other puters do just fine. FYI I'm running Windows XP Professional. This sound familiar to anyone or is my problem unique? Thx......Sky
  2. Nodsu

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    When did the problem start? What did you do?
  3. gbhall

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    lots of possibilities. Since you are not online, the IP config has no real references at that point. Is IPCONFIG giving anything at all after Windows IP configuration? If not look at system device properties and check that whatever you use to connect to networking (e.g. modem, network card etc) is working according to windows. Possibly your path command is not allowing access to the hosts file. Are you user admin or a restricted account? On the face of it, this is a hardware problem....could even be your network cable....
  4. jobeard

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    Why are you running from the Default Profile? You should be on ANY OTHER login!
  5. Skytracker

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    In the network connections tab it is showing that I am connected. The card that I'm using appears to be connecting fine. But it just refuses to show the web page, or any page for that matter. Heck, I even upgraded to IE7 just to make sure it wasn't a browser prob. It tells me that the address is not valid. I retype it time and time again to no avail.....For now I just put it in the closet so I wouldn't have to worry about it......Out of sight, Out of mind....

    FYI: I've typed every known url that I know only to get the same message.

    I do see a brief message from time to time about a ieframework or something like that. When I brought the puter home from the office it was say something about the registry being corrupt. Is there any way to just replace the registry completely?.............................Sky
  6. Nishant_kumar

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    Hi there, try this. I had this issue before and this steps helped me.
    - uninstall TCPI/IP protocol, Client for MS networks, and F&P sharing service from the NIC. Reboot.
    - Go back to Network connections, you should have no services, clients or protocols installed (or "bound" to the adapter).
    - Click install to reinstall the necessary protocol, client and services. Add TCP/IP, Client for MS networks, and F&P sharing service.
    - Immediately after doing this ,NIC will be active and it receives a DHCP assigned IP address. Problem solved.

    - Nish
  7. LookinAround

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    !!!First thing you should do is scan for viruses and spyware!!!

    They are both common causes for this type problem. Plus if they remain, they will interfere with the fixes you are attempting which might fix the problem (while they just damage the fix all over again) and you'll just keep looking.

    When was the last time your anti-virus/anti-spy was updated? may be an issue as well.

    Once you're done with all scanning, i would first try running network wizard to try and re-establish a network connection
  8. jobeard

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