iPhone 14 Pro owners discover more problems in the latest Apple flagship


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In a nutshell: Bugs in new phones are something that's become a common problem for consumers. The iPhone 14 Pro seems to suffer from quite a few of them, the latest of which include random restarts and cellular connectivity issues.

Apple's $999 (starting price) handset arrived alongside the iPhone 14 Pro Max and standard iPhone 14 earlier this month. But not all buyers are happy with their purchase. Some Redditors have reported that the device is randomly restarting approximately every 10 minutes while charging.

Several other users write that they are experiencing the same issues in both iOS 16.0.1 and 16.0.2 and when using both wireless and wired charging solutions. Some say they've found the same problem with their iPhone 14 Pro Max devices, too.

One comment says Apple Support suggested fully restoring from backup with DFU or Recovery Mode, disabling optimized charging, and uninstalling the Eufy app, none of which worked. However, the author writes that disabling background app refresh did fix the issue.

This isn't the only iPhone 14 Pro problem that's been discovered. Some Verizon customers say they are experiencing poor 5G cellular connections and calls randomly dropping. Verizon's network coverage isn't at fault here, as a few of those affected say they know people in their area on the same plan who haven't experienced similar issues on other devices.

At least 100 people have reported slow 5G speeds with the iPhone 14 Pro on the Verizon network. Like the charging issue, it's unclear exactly how many people are impacted. If you're one of them, the best course of action would be to return the handset for a working replacement.

Earlier this month, some iPhone 14 Pro users found that using the camera with third-party apps caused the camera module to shake so violently that it made a buzzing or rattling noise. It also created some nauseating photos and videos. Apple addressed the shaking with the iOS 16.0.2 update, but it appears Cupertino will need to fix a few more things in the iPhone 14 Pro via future updates.

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"..... It also created some nauseating photos and videos. "

Well, those kinky users are to blame in this case!!


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I've had only 1 issue with my AW Ultra so far. Water lock not kicking in with 3rd party app. That's about it.

I've noticed since the whole covid thing/supply chain, that the quality of products seems to have gone down, across the board. All brands.


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The richest company on the planet selling literal hundreds of millions of these devices really shouldn’t have these bugs on launch


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User: Apple fix your damn phone, it kept restarting when I plugged it into a charger
Apple: you're charging it wrong. our phones are most compatible with every charger in the world that we don't include one in the box. maybe you need to try different electrical outlet.

User: Apple fix your damn software, my camera shakes
Apple: you're installing it wrong. our most advanced camera system should not be used with a low level third party app. it's just too advanced for the app. you need to contact the app dev to make sure they fix it.

User: Apple fix your damn phone cellular connectivity. I couldn't even call properly!
Apple: you're using the wrong provider. we have even provided you with the satellite connectivity, the best in the business, how dare you. maybe you should ask the other person and ask them to switch to apple, then you'll have really good call quality.

Mr Majestyk

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I love beta testers, bless their tiny brains. They actually pay a fortune to be first in line for products full of problems so that those that come later have it nice and polished. I'll bet the same clowns complain about first release software updates too.


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Which is why REGARDLESS of the manufacturer, I never buy "the first batch".
Be it phones, watches, cars, tv's etc. Let someone else work out the "gen 1" bugs.

I learnt this the hard way. Preordered Asus Z690 motherboard. Luckily, my house did not burn down.