Is 420 watts enough? - Eying TSP 420 PSU

By mikegray
Jan 3, 2005
  1. Hi Folks!

    I spent a while struggling with a PT880 system that kept crashing and then staying frozen for several hours. After guessing the 300 watt PSU could be the problem and trying out a different PSU - unfortunately, only 350 watts - and getting similar instability but no more freezes, I've pretty much concluded that I need a better PSU. (But just to make sure, I've also RMA'd the mobo.)

    Anyway ... I need to choose between two PSUs: the TSP 420 (420 watts) and the TSP 450 (450 watts - with a lot more on the 12v line). What's your call: Do you guys think the TSP 420 will give me enough juice to run my rig or do I need to take the more powerful unit?

    Demands: See below. Note, this is a Northwood CPU, not a Prescott. But I have a softmodded 9500@9700 running. And I'd like to be able to do a *modest* bit of overclocking on this system - say, maybe from 2.8 to the 3.4 - to keep video filters purring. Otherwise, my sig tells the story.

    I've dredged up the specs on both PSUs:

    1) TSP 420 (roughly translated):

    ATX Netzteil AMD/ Intel P4
    420 Watt Total
    220 Watt combined (+3,3 and +5 Volt)
    180 Watt kombinierte (+12,0 Volt)
    aktive Leistungsfaktorkorrektur (PFC)
    maximale Belastbarkeit der einzelnen Schienen:
    +3,3 Volt: 26 A
    +5,0 Volt: 42 A
    +12 Volt: 18 A
    +5 Volt Standby: 2,5 A

    This model has great reviews and can be had at very good prices. There is a newer model out, the TSP 450, with the following specs:

    2) TSP 450

    Gesamtleistung 450 Watt
    +3.3V&+5V: 220W
    +3.3V&+5V&+12V: 430W

    + 3,3 Volt 28 A
    + 5 Volt 45 A
    + 12 Volt 22 A
    - 5 Volt 0,8 A
    - 12 Volt 1,0 A
    + 5 Volt Vsb 2,5 A

    This piece is newer and a lot more expensive. Not much info out there yet, no reviews - but it seems to pack a pretty big punch.

    If I can count on the 420 model, I'd like to go with it. But after my expereinces with the 350 Zalman, I really, *really* don't want to put myself through any more grief ...

    Thanks for any advice!

    PSU: Zalman ZM300B-APF - 300W (that was anyway ... )
    CPU: P4 2.8 Northwood w/ HT
    RAM: 2x 256 Kinsington ValueRam
    VID: ATI Radeon 9500 @ 9700 (softmod)
    HD: Barracuda 7200.7 IDE - 120 G
    DVD: Int. DVDR + USB 2.0 External DVD (own power)
    SOUND: Chaintech AV-710
    TV: Avermedia Stereo
    CASE: Homebrew - Wood & Plexiglas
    CASE FAN: Papst 8412 NGMLV (on 12v Molex)
    CPU FAN: Zalman CNPS6500B-Cu
    LCD: 4x20 (LPT1 & Molex)
    MOUSE & KEYBOARD: MS radio remote
    REMOTE: ATI Remote Wonder - USB
  2. nein

    nein Banned Posts: 109

    Both of the ones you listed above are INFERIOR to the 400W listed by realblackstuff in this thread. By those specs, I rated them for 350W class and lower.
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