Is it possible to use Wake On LAN on my pc connected to a wifi repeater?

Hello, you can see me setup in the image I have uploaded. But anyway. My router is wirelessly connected to a wifi repeater which is then connected via an Ethernet cable to my PC. I understand Wake On LAN does not work with a PC connected to a wireless network. To solve this issue I bought a WiFi repeater. However when I try to configure port forwarding on my internet providers website, my PC does not show up as a connected device. This makes it impossible for the router to send the magic packet to my PC as it cannot find it. Am I doing something wrong, or is there another way to get it to work?


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Gabriel Pike

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It has been awhile but I think that your devices, both router and range extender, must support subnet directed broadcasts. If your hardware does not support this feature it will not work. I have tried this once for a customer and could never get it working.

Subnet directed broadcasts
A principal limitation of standard broadcast wake-on-LAN is that broadcast packets are generally not routed. This prevents the technique being used in larger networks or over the Internet. Subnet directed broadcasts (SDB) may be used to overcome this limitation. SDB may require changes to intermediate router configuration. Subnet directed broadcasts are treated like unicast network packets until processed by the final (local) router. This router then broadcasts the packet using layer 2 broadcast. This technique allows a broadcast to be initiated on a remote network but requires all intervening routers to forward the SDB. When preparing a network to forward SDB packets, care must be taken to filter packets so that only desired (e.g. WoL) SDB packets are permitted — otherwise the network may become a participant in DDoS attacks such as the Smurf Attack.