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Is my PSU good for HD 5750?

By 7upzdici ยท 8 replies
Jan 30, 2011
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  1. hello !

    i have a Deluxe ATX-450w P4 psu
    450W 18A on the 12V rail

    will it be enough for a Sapphire hd5750 512 mb?

    my system:

    mobo: gigabyte EP41-UD3L
    cpu: intel Q8300
    ram: 2gb DDR2
    hdd: sata 640 gb
    current gpu: gigabyte 9400gt

    will the psu provide enough power at least for a month or so, untill i can afford a new psu?
  2. Ritwik7

    Ritwik7 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,672   +9

    It'll be too tight.

    The HD 5750 has a full load power consumption of about 66W. The remaining system (CPU+Mobo+HDD etc.) should require about another 150W from the 12V line. So a total of 216W which comes to exactly 18A from the 12V line.

    You won't be able to run any stress test applications as the power usage of the card will go up to about 85W.

    I recommend you invest in a PSU which has higher amperage on the 12V line. A Corsair 400CX will be pretty good.
  3. 7upzdici

    7upzdici TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so i have to upgrade the psu. thanks

    what would happen if the system doesn't get enough power? wiil it just reboot or will that damage the hardware?
  4. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    I could be wrong here, but check and make sure you don't have 2- 12v rails in your PSU. 18A is awfully low for a 450W PSU. even the Rosewill's 450w are running 28-30A on their 12v Rails.

    Not enough power is hard on the components and the PSU. It will strain to provide power above its specs and cause a lot of heat. The efficiency goes down from the heat and that's when things break.
  5. 7upzdici

    7upzdici TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it only has one 12v rail
  6. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    Rats, was hoping you would find a bonus there :) That's one of the lowest Amp ratings i have seen on a 450W unit.
  7. 7upzdici

    7upzdici TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it's one of the cheapest you can find...
  8. 7upzdici

    7upzdici TS Rookie Topic Starter

  9. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Those aren't what I'd recommend. How much are you willing to spend in RON? You'd need to spend at least 200 RON for a decent PSU that will power your system and last for a couple of years at least.

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