Is there a Crossfire expert out there?

By red1776
Mar 16, 2009
  1. Hi all, I recently added a third ati hd 4830 to my third pcie slot. the thing is i dont think the the third card is joining the crossfire configuratiion. in the 'hardware information' tree of CCC, it lists all three cards, but in overdrive section it only gives me access to two of the cards. furthermore in my GPU-z utility it says cross fire is activated , but says (2) gpu's enabled. it does however show three cards in the drop down list. the cards are all connected with crossfire bridges,and i have swapped them out to make sure i dont have a bad one. any ideas?

    My specs listed are current.

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    The Crossfire Master\Slave card system does not apply to the HD 3800\4800 series. They utilize CrossfireX, which is Plug and Play, with the exception of needing a Crossfire bridge.
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