is there a prob with Rom lazer head or the driver requires reinstallation

By catherine ยท 5 replies
Jul 7, 2005
  1. well i am using a samsung 52x cd rom. it is pretty recent say 6 months old. well i am facing problem for the last couple of days.. when ever i put in a game cd for installation it seldom gets detected. but the problem hasnt happen when i use a video cd or a audio cd. those work fine as usual. but i really wonder why game cds doesnt get detected.. i tried my game cd on differnt machine they are working fine.

    do i require to clean my cdrom lazer head ? or should i reinstall the drivers or should i get a new cdrom itself?? just help me out.

    and yeah also mention how to clean the cd rom lazer head.. thX....
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    You can buy CD-lens cleaners, a blank CD with tiny brushes on them.

    The drivers have no influence in your case, because they read the other types.

    You can sometimes repair it simply by defaulting the autorun settings

    Open My Computer
    Select Properties for your drive.
    Select Autorun tab and click Reset Defaults.
  3. catherine

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    aye thx for the quick reply.. i will try it out yeah will post it whatever be the results.. Thx
  4. dave W

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    Can you force a head clean if the CD Cleaner isn't recognised

    I had a similar problem to Catherine. When I bought the headcleaner CD and popped it in the drive would not recognise there was a cd in there.

    I have reset the defaults and it has not fixed it...

    Can I force a headclean if the CD drive won't recognise a CD headcleaner.

    Have tried Run D:\winclean but get an error message saying load a CD!!!

    Dave W
  5. mailpup

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    I'd say maybe you can gently blow some air inside your optical drive to get rid of enough dust to get you started or if that isn't the problem or otherwise doesn't work, your drive might be dead or dying. The good news is new CD drives are very inexpensive.
  6. dave W

    dave W TS Rookie


    Thanks. Tried the air puffer and had no success. Had already reinstalled the driver, no success there either. So am buying replacement on-line. :angel:

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