is there something wrong with my computer??? help

By moneylee ยท 4 replies
Dec 23, 2002
  1. i have...

    AMD Athlon XP +2000 1.67ghz
    SOYO Dragon Platinum Edition Ultra KT400
    256 PC2100
    ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mb
    Blaster 16 PCI

    when window xp loads up.. it takes long.. i mean when it gets to the boot srceen , it takes long... but for my 450mhz computer(it's much faster at loading).. so i don't know whats wrong... can someone help... and oh yea.. why does it really slow down after i play game for like 1hr.. i mean it slows down.. then if i let the screen saver come on for 1min or so. it fast again.. why is that???
  2. Maximus

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    As you know Windows XP is a system resource/RAM hog. This could be causing the system to swap ram a lot, which is probably why it's "slow", and don't worry my old Pentium 2 400 MHz loads faster then my "new" Duron 1.3GHz too, that's not really an issue but then make sure you have the latest drivers for ALL your hardware. This is the easiest and safest performance boost so mkae sure you have the lastest for everything even if you think the device isn't important. Well hope this helps!
  3. iss

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    Windows XP is noot a fast booting OS unless you have the fast boot enabled in your bios. it goes by a few diff names but what it does is skip some bios testsing during the boot thereby speeding up the boot.

    I have a radeon 8500 and I had the same problem you are describing with the slowdown. get the latest ATI drivers after installing them go to the display properties/settings/advanced/display tab/click ont he monitor tab then set the drop down menu under
    "direct X refresh rate overide" to "same as desktop"

    this solved that problem for me.
  4. vassil3427

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    Maybe its that Soundblaster 16, for a peice of computer hardware those are quite old:( ..Maybe you ought to take it out and try booting without it...Just an idea:) It could be causing a conflict
  5. Ayasha

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    Well for one your OS could be loading slow for a number of reasons. I shall attempt to list the common problems.

    1. One huge desktop picture. You know the 2-5 MB ones. Yeah,
    they kill your desktop load up.
    2. How many programs are in your Startup menu?
    *How many programs are in the bottom right hand corner that
    startup on boot.*
    3. Windows XP has several useless function that are too
    numerous to list that you may or may not need. Look into the
    ones you don't need and disable them on startup.
    4. It usually isn't, but there is a remote chance that it could be
    something hardware related. Usually an old ATA/33 HDD or
    along those lines.
    5. Sometimes, it just won't load any faster regardless of what
    you do. But as long as everything else works fine. Be thankful
    that it does. For you never know when something might go

    6. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New

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