Is this Bottenecking or Driver Issue?

By Tha General
Jul 18, 2008
  1. Alright read this carefully. I mention before that in pcwizard 2008 it shows that the Visiontek 2400 HD PCI card does not have " Hardware OPENGL Acceleration " , it says however that " Only Software Mode is supported.

    General Information :
    Manufacturer : ATI Technologies Inc.
    Version : 2.1.7659 Release
    Renderer : ATI Radeon HD 2400 Series
    Acceleration : No, Software

    I have notice this is causing some serious issues with some games. Some games works just fine, while others crawl. This is a example, tested on a FPS shooter which came out in 2003 called: Revolution:

    Specs: Intel Pentium III, 512megs of Ram, SoundBlaster, 600MHZ, Visiontek 2400 HD PCI card.

    " I was facing towards the door, and the fps are from 35-55. "


    " But as i turn around face the texture scenery or whatever you called, obviously facing the door there are no heavy textures, but when i turn around, i get this:


    The fps drops quickly from 35-55 to 9-1 as seen in the photo. This happens in alot of my games, even old ones such as Unreal GOLD. Now i was thinking my PSU which btw is only 90watts couldn't handle the card, but this isn't the case, because the card loads up just fine, it stays super cool between 39c - 45c , games like Timeshift and various other games works just fine. But others do not, this doesn't sound like a PSU power.

    Now using my 6200 Overclocked 6200 256MB card, 2 things:

    #1 It says in the opengl tab in pcwizard 2008 that hardware gl acceleration is enable. So it says " Acceleration: Yes, Hardware ".

    #2 Playing that same game, i get 50-70fps with no drops fps when i turn around or whatever, the game runs super smooth.

    So what do you guys think, is this a driver issue or bottlenecking?

    Note: Visiontek doesn't seem to care, they just seem to have release the PCI 2400 and pretty much didn't give a f***. I told them over and over again, but they keep ignoring my messages. Once they reply back and told my computer was too slow, but people with the same card with much higher computers, have the same issue, or similar issues.

    One person with a higher CPU then mime, got 12fps in Bioshocks. Funny thing, i get the same. I one time got 15fps in the game, hmmmmmmm
  2. tipstir

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    What's the CPU speed on the Specs: Intel Pentium III, 512megs of Ram, SoundBlaster, 600MHZ, Visiontek 2400 HD PCI card.

    Can you increase the RAM on the PIII to 768MB or 1GB. I can run Quake 3, Half Life, on a PIII 850MHz and 1GHz 512MB these have 256KB L2 and I do it wireless too! These have ATI 350MHz AGP 2x, They are laptops. I have only one PIII 900MHz desktop and have the RAM max out at 512MB. That uses PCI Video as the onboard video could never handle these games.

    Now you say bottleneck, what res do you have it at. These PIII can only handle 800x600 anything more then they'll choke. I see you say you're using 6200 but those have RAM at 64-bit level then that will make it a bit slower. You need 128-bit RAM or some are out there 256-bit. I found one dirt cheap I was able to over clock the RAM to 500MHz. Games like Ford Racing, Tracker Trailer Sim runs smooth.

    Those ATI from Visiontek are for HTPC HD, they have poor performance. You would have to go higher in the 3,000 series or better. PCI-E is 16x but if you're using PIII don't expect so much.
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