ISPs ask the FCC to scrap new rules, insist on not wanting to disclose hidden broadband...

WTAF? :DD Those poor poor companies, how else would they keep misleading and riping off customers?!
Interestingly, I just checked my Comcast bill. It's $96. It shows zero dollars for taxes and fees and they take exactly $96 a month out of my checking account. So, it appears the price is the price ... I don't cate what the taxes or fees are, I only care that I get gigabit speeds for $96/mo.
Exactly so. This entire teapot-tempest is the concoction of the usual perpetually-enraged social-media drama queens. There are no "hidden charges". The moment your service is activated, both Comcast and AT&T (and presumably most if not all other major ISPs) will tell you your monthly charges. And the fees they themselves charge (rather than those government or external agencies impose upon them) will not change without at least 30 days notice. Also note that, even without this proposed new rule, basic contract law still applies: if there truly was price misrepresentation, you have a right to sue and recover damages. But -- there isn't.

I'll only say this about this page: There is at least one ISP charging customers more for a much slower speed than they charge customers for a speed 10x higher.
The mere fact you believe this is somehow "unfair" demonstrates a monumnetal flaw in your thinking. The transmission speed of the equipment connected to your cable is only one of many factors governing the cost of providing service to you. The length of cable required (distance to closest POP) and the local costs of installing and maintaining that cable, the population density in your immediate area (controlling how many customers across which the ISP can amortize buildout costs), and the variable fee and regulatory structure of municipal, county, and state governments all play a part, to name just a few.