Issue with disk encryption

By stoweo777
Nov 5, 2015
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  1. Hi, I ve got a SAMSUNG S6 EDGE+ (SM928F) unrooted, my issue it's that everytime I encrypt all the memory (32gb), when I switch on the device, the first 2-3 times, the device looks like it decrypts before switching on, because it asks me my password, to decrypt and a little road turns around on the screen for a while before the device is ready to work.

    My problem is that after two or three times that I switched off and on again, it stopps decryting it when I switch it on, in fact when I click and the POWER ON button, I don't even need to write the password anymore the device is ready asap and it asks me only my pincode. Is it a normal issue from S6EDGE+ encryption system, or do I have to go back to the store to make work my warranty because encrypption doesn't work properly and it needs to be repared?

    Thanks for your nice reply, I really ned someone which might 's got the same issue, or someone who knows something about encryption, and know why it works like this, to answer my question because the device is actually still new, and I could easely go to shop to tell them to change mine...???
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