iSuppli: Integrated graphics are taking over notebooks


TS Evangelist
According to iSuppli, an increasing number of notebooks are shipping with integrated graphics, which makes sense considering the fact that Intel has begun selling processors with a built-in graphics core. AMD is also working toward a combined CPU/GPU solution with its Fusion project. Not to mention the rising demand for "all day" computing solutions, which require more power efficiency than the average discrete GPU can provide.

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IMO laptops should usually have integrated graphics, their fine for most of the things you'd want to do on a laptop, and are much cheaper and eat a lot less power than discreet cards.


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Intergrated GFX are getting alot better and can run most games on low settings, great for gaming on the go and on a budget. Most have HD displays and some DVI/HDMI out. CPU/GPU maybe the fucture for all devices.