According to iSuppli, an increasing number of notebooks are shipping with integrated graphics, which makes sense considering the fact that Intel has begun selling processors with a built-in graphics core. AMD is also working toward a combined CPU/GPU solution with its Fusion project. Not to mention the rising demand for "all day" computing solutions, which require more power efficiency than the average discrete GPU can provide.

Ultraportables are said to be the fastest growing notebook segment, with shipments expected to double between now and 2014. "The booming popularity of products like ultraportable notebooks and Apple Inc.'s iPad has put the spotlight on products with small and innovative form factors," said an iSuppli analyst. "To develop such products, PC makers are adopting highly integrated semiconductor solutions that use less power and generate less heat, thus allowing smaller form factors." The research firm reports that by 2014, nearly 83% of laptops will use an IGP, up from 39% this year.