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ITC rules Samsung infringed on Apple patents, orders import ban

By Shawn Knight ยท 38 replies
Aug 10, 2013
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  1. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,840   +1,184

    If you're suggesting that the ITC ruled in favor of Apple because Obama just did then you're right, that's possible, but there's no evidence of it. You can't say a system if corrupt just because two parties (the ITC and Obama) happened to agree. Does that mean every time a home team wins a game its because the refs are corrupt? Have you considered that maybe Apple is in the right? That means it's not a coincidence (not irony, irony would be if the ITC ruled in the opposite way from Obama).

    You're right the patents are BS, but they're not BS because Samsung isn't infringing on them, Samsung is infringing on them all the time, just like Apple is infringing on Samsung's all the time. The patents are BS because no one should be able to patent basic common stuff like Apple has patented. Apple has patented rounded corners and the height/width ratio of the ipad.... which is the same as a sheet of paper. That's completely BS. So yeah, Samsung infringes on it, because there's no way not to.

    In order to win a patent case you have to prove the party infringing on your patent is affecting your sales. Apple may be able to do that easier now that their sales are going down.

    Regardless, the import ban is pretty harsh.

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  2. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,175   +3,264

    I gotta admit; I don't have a comeback, and completely agree!
  3. People have always copied each other - take a tour round Benjamin Franklin's house and find out how many of his "original" ideas he copied from overseas.

    Samsung should pare down its US operations to one call centre operator saying, "sorry, all our lines are busy, let me transfer you..".....and start up over the border, one in Canada and one in Mexico.

    If the US gov't is too stupid to realise the benefit Samsung bring to the US economy, the benefit should be removed. Give Canada and Mexico the jobs, and then the US gov't will claim they are "loving their neighbour" (while spying on them).

    The law is a joke and the hypocritical gov't is laughing at us.
  4. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 1,919   +595

    Good boy. A trillion more times and it could become reality.
  5. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 1,919   +595

    If the ban only affects 4 phones, I don't think Samsung has much to worry about. The S5 is around the corner, and so is the Note 3, assuming those are even included. Samsung can make the necessary changes in time. Four phones for Apple is their whole line minus their latest device.

    Obama should veto this one too and maybe both parties will think twice before starting another patent war. Someone has to keep these two in their neutral corners.

    Hey, I can dream.
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  6. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,175   +3,264

    Obama should kick out all current patent suits, tell everyone to innovate with something new or die.
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  7. misor

    misor TS Evangelist Posts: 1,232   +229

    maybe samsung's release of many models is its last line of defense.
    if a certain amount of Samsung phones are banned, then the other phone models will still get through. :)
  8. After reading this article I was so angry that I had to smash my iPad, iPhone and framed pictures of Steve.

    So long Apple. Go eat yourself. Stupid name for a company anyway.
  9. The Obama administration should have never vetoed the Apple ban in the first place. Maybe if both companies faced an import ban they would learn a lesson. These patent wars are just senseless and they are slowing down innovation.
    misor likes this.
  10. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Samsung and former Goldstar (LG) these two companies are so huge now, not funny. Samsung I am sure their engineers reverse engineer Apple and Motorola Smartphones and take that tech an implement that into their Smartphones. You can clearly see how close everything looks the same way and layout. The only thing different is the name on the device.

    Samsung needs to be more original thinking and stop copying from Apple and Motorola. Like Hyundai does with Honda of course you can see how both operate differently.

    I won't buy anything from Samsung again, quality it not there! So for HDTV SONY and digital camera SONY, Blue-Ray SONY. Smartphone Motorola been at it longer in communication devices.
  11. MrAnderson

    MrAnderson TS Maniac Posts: 488   +10

    I should hurt the economy just as bad if Samsung has to ban any other their modern Phones in circulation. I'm not sure how valid the touch screen patent is, considering muli-touch stuff was out, but not on a device. I would argue that that technology is an extension and is obvious when using the type of touch interface to a smaller device. Now for the audio I/O, it feels like Apple has them more. I knew of various plugs being used in phones and some having the outcomes involved, but I don't know if Apple li licensed this technology. However, after viewing the filing date, it feels like we have had a least a subset of this technology way before 2007. So Now I'm no sure, because on feature phones we have had volume control and perhaps end call from the headphones, and even some MP3 Players had a LCD screen that transmitted device activity over the wire. I guess it depends on when it gets down to the hardware designed. Sigh... so in this case Samsung is screwed.

    Again if the current Admin did it for Apple, then the same should be done for Samsung to neutralize, 1st what can be argued as an event still likely to harm the US economy. Moreover, to lesson the chilling effect of using ITC for any arbitrations in the future by domestic and international business alike.
  12. dennis777

    dennis777 TS Enthusiast Posts: 285   +33

    Bye bye S4 in US?
  13. So...
    Anyone else completely unsurprised that the American ITC and government backs a US company while ******** on a South Korean company?
    At the end of the day it's a whole load of bull. Of course Apple are always going to get a favorable result from the US. This has nothing to do with patents and has more to do with the US wanting to be further in control of the smartphone market. Apple are free to continue to run anti-competitive practices and violate anyone else's rights, since any judgement against them can easily be thrown out. Personally I'd like to see Apple threatened with an EU and Asia ban until they start acting like a professional company and not like a playground bully. Let see how they react if all they have is their corrupt US market.
  14. No, the world would be a worse place since the very nature of open source is anti-innovation.

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