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Feb 28, 2018
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  1. Yeah, with all the hype for JW evolution I couldn't help but reinstall this old gem that did in fact run smoothly on my current pc about a year ago. But now it freezes for half a second every second when I run it, I tried compatibility in W7 and XP sp3 (which is what I had to do last time as well) and and the game doesn't seem to even remember my video settings (or rather, doesn't follow them).
    I should mention that after the fall creators update this happened to my screen all the time until I rolled back to a driver from 24/04/2017, which I why I haven't tried that. No other game old or recent has any problem of the kind (except one game that already had a similar problem but that hasn't changed with this developments and it's not nearly as constant).
    Any suggestions?

    AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 (2GHz)
    AMD Radeon HD 8400 4077MB
    750 GB (5400 RPM)
    Windows 10 x64
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    So, something changed over the last year. Most likely candidates are dust bunnies and thermal interface paste (heat). There are many fine videos on how-to on YouTube.
    If you have done that and still have an issue, I would DDU the video driver and try again. DDU is available as a download on this site.
    If none of the above worked, you may want to consider monitoring CPU and GPU during game play - even task manager performance tab would do. I rig a second monitor to watch.

    Another thought - defrag HDD.
  3. gnpfrslo

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    Been a while huh? Sorry for taking so long, Taking my laptop apart is such an adventure - you never know what's going to break, snap, chip or rip itself into tiny little pieces! - and only today I found the time. Anyway, didn't have compressed air so I used a thin cloth, a toothbrush and an air pump to clean it up, it wasn't nearly as dirty as other times though. Now the fan is quite noisy, do you think it's a bad idea to get rid of the dvd drive? Or maybe there's a bit of plastic debris that may have chipped off the keyboard when I put it back on. I will also go ahead and ask for tips with vertical lines of faulty pixels because my common fix isn't enough now, apparently.

    Back to the game, though, it got not better nor worse but different: for half a second it runs normally, then the audio stops while the video keep running for the next half, then the audio resumes but the video stops, then repeat.

    Oh, I also did reinstall the video drivers, and windows tells me there's "0%" fragmentation on my drive, and still 30% empty space left
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  4. Cycloid Torus

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    You are having a bad time. Laptop cleaning is not easy, though the only 'little parts' problems I have had were of my own making (like screwing in a long screw where a short one is required - or pulling a ribbon connector out without knowing it).

    "the fan is quite noisy" - did you clean under the hood & clear the vent screens? if you did, then it may be that the fan is starting to fail (clean & lubricate might work)

    "vertical lines of faulty pixels" - oh, ugly.... if new issue, is it possible ribbon cable from mainboard to screen was pulled or stressed? the connectors are awful, but loosening the clamp and reinserting the ribbon might help

    "runs normally, then the audio stops while the video keep running for the next half, then the audio resumes but the video stops, then repeat." In your shoes, I would uninstall the game and the video driver - then run DDU to clear the driver completely, then install driver, reboot and then install the game.

    I guess your machine is almost 5 years old, so it may be getting to the end of its normal useful life (except for the avid tinker who can keep anything running - like my '92 volvo, my 35 year old frig, my 26 year old dishwasher, etc)
  5. gnpfrslo

    gnpfrslo TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 62   +10

    Yeah, I already did that before and after cleaning. For the vertical lines it's because the screen chassis is partially bent from being carried around in a messenger bag in my first years of college, so it in turns bend the ribbon forwards on the section, on another it's because the ribbon did become damaged because the front panel was glued to it, which I obviously didn't know until I tried taking out the display to fix the original lines: this was achieved, after many failures, by inserting some pieces of paper between the ribbon and the panel, they come back with any minor perturbation but go out on their own, this time, however, it took a while; so yea, mission accomplished.

    I bought this thing in november 2013; so yeah, it's busted. My previous laptop lasted me 6 years, 3 after my dad smashed it during a argument with my sister, it probably still works but the screen is totally busted and there aren't replacements anywhere, apparently (thinkpad z61e). That one was also easier to clean even though it has like 16 screws in 3 different sizes just for to take out the keyboard. Also, I didn't notice, because I use a usb keyboard most of the time, but I may have damaged either the keyboard cable or the conector (but that I blame on the manufactured for designing it unintuitively different from all the other models in the series and most other laptops in general).
    Maybe I should just put it to sleep and get a desktop, I am in serious need of one and with the rise of tablets I hardly need anything more than that as of lately when I go out.
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  6. Cycloid Torus

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    Have you ever considered a career in computer repair? (of course, you may already be finishing your thesis as a doctoral candidate and have other things planned)

    A lot of people are 'ok' with a tablet, but a desktop with a good sized screen is a great addition if you have the room. Budget usually dictates, but I have had some good luck with eBay. Chromebooks work well and are cheap, but don't support as many games. Also, look around at the local charity thrift shops - folks move on and donate some fine stuff. Make friends and leave your phone number for them to call if laptop/desktop shows up. Just remember to 'renew' your request every 3-4 weeks with a friendly visit AND to withdraw it if you find a good system elsewhere. Or, you could ask if they need help fixing up and checking out systems (volunteer) which would give you a selection. It adds to the resume!!
  7. gnpfrslo

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    My current budget allows me either a marginally better laptop or a medium-high end desktop according to my options, and I already have a tablet, my father won 2 in a raffle once. So the idea is to keep the tablet and buy a desktop, but I have my doubts because the very few times I've needed an actual computer I have really needed it (not very fun typing python or latex code on a screen and without extra packages).
    As for my career, I could talk a lot about it a lot but let's not get depressive. I have considered some options like robotics and hardware but I still feel some attachment to my current career, at least while I still have a chance of actually getting the degree.
  8. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,495   +920

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