Judge gives Elon Musk access to bot-counting data from former Twitter executive


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My statement is based on the WSJ report which is in part based on Musk's team own filing:

I agree that the bottom line here is finances. The problem is Musk's team is trying to argue that potential ambiguity around an ultimately subjective number that is an input to finances but not a bottom line financial result itself, should trump actual bottom line finances that are not ambiguous. Unless his new information about bots severely changes market cap, or forces a restating of revenues, or otherwise makes a difference to objective metrics, he's not going to have any argument at all. And if the market (I mean both for its ads, and for its stock) has already always baked in that there are non-trivial numbers of bots, which I believe it has because none of this new information, than none of those objective finances are going to change and there will be no material adverse impact.

He is taking the Company Private.

His business model will be based solely on userbase... and Twitch will not give them that figure.

It is that simple.


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Elon doesn't want to back out of the deal... he wants to buy Twitter! He just doesn't want to be hosed...

AND as it stands right now Twitter CEO can't define the User Base. So how can u buy a Company that can't disclose how many actual users they have.

Whi is Twitter so obtuse and secret?
Because they aren't as obtuse about it as you think. You personally just aren't told about anything. Musk 100% has much more information that he is bound by an NDA not to disclose.

Unless Twitter actively tried to lie about everything (something that will be decided in court), Musk will have to close the deal... eventually.