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Judge lets Sony access GeoHot's PayPal account in PS3 hacking lawsuit

By Emil ยท 53 replies
Mar 17, 2011
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  1. omegafate

    omegafate TS Rookie Posts: 104

    i personally think that sony needs to grow up and join with nintendo and microsoft **** they have pretty much giving up on stopping the "hackers". i mean oooo wow they are going to ban people for "hacking" or "jail breaking" there consoles.there are many vpns and so on for console game play which can be routed through.

    besides u cant tell me the judge isnt getting pay offs and so on to side with sony. hell even geohot him self stated on AOTS (attack of the show) that the "hack" only enables his programing, which in turn only allows homebrew games and such, and does not allow pirated games,unlike other "hacks". if your wanting to attack someone attack the people who are allowing pirated games

    logistics people!!!!!!
  2. This is infamous.

    If you buy a car, house, table, cell phone, computer, or pack of cool-aid you can modify it all you want legally. Cause once it's yours it is yours.

    You can sup-it-up, add another room, paint it, mod it, over-clock it, or add more sugar than recommended. But you cannot change its plates (for felony use), knowingly install faulty wiring (for insurance fraud), add felt to it (AND use it as the center table of a gambling ring), connect it to C4 (and use it as an explosives detenator), make no modifications (and use it to hack into banking systems), or mix it with vodka (and give it to minors at a party).

    It is what you do with the item (that you should own if you paid for it) that makes its use (not necessarily its modification) illegal or not. Hotz has not used this key to produce illegal content (that Sony Japan (who do think is really behind this) receives no monetary compensation for). Sony, however, did produce a mod that removes an advertised component (the one many of us actually bought the PS3 for - I for one wanted my awesome all-in-one home entertainment system but never got it), are forcing you to update to play any newer games, and are preventing play of some games purchased via PSN if you don't update (this is robbery and should be illegal).

    Sony can't say that Hotz has done anything illegal even though his discovery can be used by those that may. And that's why they're suing him cause through others they may lose millions. Microsoft has proven that intelletuctal property means squat if you can prove that you can figure out how to do the exact same thing on your own.

    I want my other os Sony - work with developers and make one that's fast and secure.

    I say sue Sony for trying to take away your right to be brilliant or at least for theft of property.

    And a word on hacking... Hacking in and of itself is not bad. Breaking into computer systems is rarely hacking, it's exploiting security holes that already exist. Hacking is making modifications to provide unintended functionality. We have our super computers today thanks to hacking.
  3. Oh, and it's obvious neofryboy is a Sony executive - possible one that tweeted the root key and should be sued beside Hotz.
  4. NeoFryBoy

    NeoFryBoy TS Rookie Posts: 72

    Bwahahahaha... Yes I am a Sony exec...

    Ooooor... I'm willing to face the reality that no matter how much people want to define our economy as a form of socialism; it is in fact, a capitalism. The capstone of which gives companies rights to distribute their product as they see fit, and to sue the person who opens that product to theft. (ie. Sony suing Hotz)

    If I recall correctly, (and I do because I just researched it) Sony has already been sued (7x) over the OtherOs removal and not a single case has gone anywhere.

    How do you expect to change the world if you don't understand how it works?

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