Just can't fix our network. Help!

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Mar 3, 2005
  1. Hi,

    We have at our office a small network with 13 computers. The layout is pretty simple. We have a network case with the netgear swith, adsl router and a patch organizer.

    We are using cat5e cable with it's corresponding cat5e wall jacks.

    7 of our computers are working perfectly, the otheres have trouble. Their NIC's have to be set to 10 Mbps to achieve connectivity, and some of them work but don't get even 2 Mbps.

    What kind of diagnostics or techniques can I use to find the problem? It's definately not the NIC's or Switch. We put new cable in one of those lines and still didn't work ok.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. bushwhacker

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    You say ADSL? Dude, I think ADSL is a problem... did you set all 13 same network drivers??


    All of 13 computer must have same name for Domains.


    P.S. Get ADSL/XDSL/DSL, coaxial and Network tester, maybe it can find the faults.
  3. dani_17

    dani_17 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 146

    Well, the ADSL is not the problem. It's just used for the internet connection. Internet connections is achieved by setting each PC's gateway to the IP of the ADSL router.

    All the machines are connected together with the NETGEAR 10/100 24port Switch. The router is connected to the switch via the uplink port.

    All pc's use Windows XP, 1 of them Windows 2003 server. All have static IP addresses and have unique computer names in workgroup.
  4. Samstoned

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    be aware that many switches share the uplink port with one of the regular ports port 1
    when setting to static all nics must be able to set at the same speed and transmit
    half duplex /full 10/100mbs or 1gbs
    if a few cannot go as high as the others the higher ones set to match lower
    I deal mostly with intel RMA's the best
    if you have any relteks on line toss them
    just remember nics go bad I had a intel 1gb nic fail after config lost power
    intel replaced it with no paper work cept for RMA form
    if your system is getting busy (overloaded)
    check server cache enable do a html/txt compression also helps the bandwidth
    How far away are some of the clients?
    how smart is the switch
  5. dani_17

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    Hi Samstoned,

    The switch is an unamanged NETGEAR FS516

    NIC's are of various brands. Some INTEL PRO's, others are NETGEAR. Some use onboard chips.

    The computers that are affected we're tested with a direct cable from the swith to the nic using the same type of cable that was used in the wall installation, and it worked fine.

    I just can't find what is going wrong with this...
  6. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    I think you said it that time
    what is this patch panel that you are using and why? not a hub right
    are you within distance ,try swapping out a working station for the slow one see what happens
    by the way check evey nic setup you have specialy the onboards
    if you can get updates get it
    I've a low end MB on my net and it has a reltek onboard had to disable and put a better card in it getting slow transfers and lockups.
    the only way system will work properly is all nics have to be set for same speed and duplex
    how are they when just doing intenet same problem
    speed issue only in house
  7. HoopaJoop

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    If you are by-passing the patch panel and getting a proper connection you should check the wiring from the patch panel to the outlet.

    Tone them, and pair match them. Make sure your punches are to standard. They should be either 568a or 568b. I've had really bad problems with cables more than a few feet in length that weren't punched to standard. Also take a machine from a working outlet to a nonworking one. If you get the same problem with the previously working one then you only really have 3 options. It's either the outlet at the office end, the outlet on the patch panel, or the cableing in between. If you had the job professionally done they should have done so already, and your issue may fall under warrantee. If you ran the lines, or if they are pre existing, check to make sure none of your cable is running over power transformers or even lights. Often times high power lines and equipment will cause signal degredation. This is especially true of UTP cable which you are most likely using.

    Also, CAT5e is a cableing standard. The wall jacks would be RJ45. These are the same wall jacks that old phone systems used to patch CAT3 cable. Double check the cables running to your jacks to make sure

    Have you already tested this?

    I would really be interested to know what your issue is if you get it fixed. Please post it here if you get the chance. It sounds like a cabling problem to me.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps.

    You may want to check this out.
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