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By RampageFreak
Jan 12, 2011
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  1. Ok, so I am starting on my next new build, this will be only the third computer I have built. For the motherboard I went with the Asus Rampage III Extreme with the Core i7 980x, hdd I decided to stray from the normal sata hdd so I got the OCZ Colossus LT Series 1TB SSD, for the graphics I wanted to run 3 way crossfire, the 6870 would be nice but I know it's designed for or at least was built to only support 2 way crossfire so I went with three Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT) cards. Yeah I know they are a little pricey but I do enjoy playing games that require massive system resources and I figure running three way crossfire would put out the best frame rate as each one only handles about a third of the graphics load. My concern came when looking at the psu for this build, I am thinking of going with the Silverstone ST1200 but wanted to see if maybe someone had another suggestion or do you think this psu would be appropriate? Thanks

    Edit: The rest of the parts I have gotten are as follows, for the case NZXT Phantom, BR Burner is Asus Blu-ray Burner BW-12B1LT, monitor (yeah I know the monitor isn't as important as the actual system specs but...) Asus VK278Q Black 27", and for the memory I was looking at hex ram but not really sure it's compatible with the Rampage so went with Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 24GB Triple Channel
  2. bluebob951

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    1200 watts

    1200 watts would be plenty, ATI cards are really energy efficient cards. Also i checked on extreme psu calculator for you, and it came out to about 900 watts, give or take 100 watts, with about 80 amps on the 12 volt rails. you will be more then fine with a 1200 watt power supply.

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