L.A. company acquires Amiga Games Inc. and the rights to 300+ games for $500,000

Shawn Knight

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A Los Angeles-based distribution company has agreed to purchase Amiga Games Inc. in a deal valued at $500,000 in company stock and cash. This will reportedly give the new owner, Writers’ Group Film Corp., the rights to distribute more than...

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I hope theres some classics in that list, but the ones I like are multi platform of their day, for instance, cannon fodder, chaos engine, and alien breed the original 2 games.

Would be nice to see these, but you can get that clanto forever emulator if you want to play these games right ?


Please let one of them be rampart..
That game NEEDS to be released for smartphone


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SWIV on tablet, that would be cool. Mightnight resistance, another classic side scrolling shoot em' up that would be fun on touch devices.