A Los Angeles-based distribution company has agreed to purchase Amiga Games Inc. in a deal valued at $500,000 in company stock and cash. This will reportedly give the new owner, Writers' Group Film Corp., the rights to distribute more than 300 classic video games across smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Further details, like which games are included in the bundle, won't be known for a few more weeks according to the new owner. With any luck, some of Amiga's classic titles like Alien Breed, Gods and Overdrive are included but that's pure speculation at this point. Part of the problem, it would seem, is that there is another company already selling classics Amiga titles on mobile platforms - Amiga Inc.

As of writing, it is unclear what sort of relationship - if any - that Amiga Inc. has with Amiga Games Inc. The original Amiga Corporation was picked up by Commodore International way back in 1984. 10 years later, Commodore declared bankruptcy and the trademarks and brands for the companies have changed hands several times since.

Titles like the aforementioned Overdrive are already available from Amiga Inc. for BlackBerry 10 and the ill-fated BlackBerry PlayBook but other hits like Lemmings and Cannon Fodder have yet to resurface. Perhaps then it is possible that these games and other classics were indeed owned by Amiga Games Inc. and are now in the possession of Writers' Group Film Corp.

Titles and ownership aside, $500,000 for the rights to more than 300 games certainly seems like a steal, especially if the new owner is able to capitalize on the rerelease of some of the titles in the bundle.