Lack of XP to Windows 7 upgrade path causing grief

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Jul 27, 2009
  1. it doesn't require any previous windows key. You just have to install it twice. You do a fresh install, not worrying about activating or putting in your key. Then from the desktop of your freshly installed windows 7 you put in the disk again and run setup from your desktop doing a fresh install again, fooling it into thinking you're upgrading from a version of windows since you're starting from your desktop. Do a "custom/clean" install again, and this time, your 2nd time through you put in your key etc.
  2. My only question that seems not being asked is if the NSA and Homeland Security spyware programmed into Vista has been removed from Windows 7? It was found early on in Vista by some techs who accidently found them during their initial testing. That was a primary reason (besides Vista sucking, maybe because of this) that I kept away from Vista. Have any of you pros looked at this possibility?

    B. Green, CA
  3. NunjaBusiness

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    I am more interested in an "upgrade" from RC1 to RTM.
    It's the least they could do for our testing and reporting.
  4. Yeah, I'm also having trouble upgrading my AT&T 286 to an iCore7. Get with it people or be left in the dust.
  5. SNGX1275

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    I was wondering about that. It worked that way with Vista, but I wondered if Microsoft was going to learn from that mistake and prevent that from happening this time. Do you know for sure that is how it will work?
  6. raybay

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    I think CaptainCranky has addressed it best... at least for now, the Windows 7 "deal" is projected as less costly than the Upgrade.
    Microsoft Upgrade disks for any product remain bigger thorns over the life of the product than any other method. When you include tecnitian time and frustration, there is never rarely ever a good reason to use Microsoft upgrades.
  7. As an average pc user I really don't mind not having an upgrade to 7 from xp. All of the computers that I have and even work with (about 125 pcs) are over 4 years old. I wouldn't even consider upgrading these computers to 7 because I would have to upgrade video cards, memory, and even the cpu if I wanted windows 7 to perform how it was designed. I'm better off just buying a new computer that has the newer technology from the last 4 years.
  8. captaincranky

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    Just for a laugh, you might try installing "Vista Upgrade Adviser". on one of the PCs. The resultant report from that would likely be M$'s version of "shock and awe". (Obviously, substitute "Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser" if that exists. Sorry, I am way, way out of touch.)
  9. TBolt

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    Hmm...guess I'm in the minority that prefer a clean install "upgrade". It doesn't really bother me to reinstall all my other's the docs associated with those programs that I don't want to lose. No problem here as they are on another partitian or drive (depending on which computer). Aren't clean installs typically more stable and preferred anyway? Hell, I typically format and clean install my OS'es on all my computers at least once a year anyway.
  10. I'm curious about compatibility issues with 3rd party apps. Not being able to upgrade is a bad thing for the average consumer, but taking the trouble to install fresh, or paying someone else to do it and then finding out that your existing applications will not run properly due to compatibility issues... well....

    I read some time ago that MS's solution for compatibility issues was to run XP in a virtual machine on top of 7! Call me crazy but aside from the obvious issues like licensing, maintenance of a VM, antivirus on a VM, etc, this would leave a very bad taste in my mouth after they have made it nearly impossible to purchase XP, a computer preloaded with it, or they charge extra for the "downgrade" and now they offer it up as a solution for fixing the compatibility problems with their brand new OS! Will they then begin selling XP Pro again? Will a license for XP be included with 7 for this purpose? Or have they revised these plans?

    David Morris
  11. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,033   +2,558

    Some Days a Computer Just Feels Slightly Less Than Fresh....

    Yeah man, I'm with you. It's like a "high colonic" for your hard drive.
  12. It doesnt mean you have to buy Vista. It means you cannot do an upgrade install and have to do a fresh install.
  13. Who the hell would wanna buy an upgrade! I mean, after all, isn't Win 7 really an upgrade of Vista? I liken it to Win98 2nd Ed which sorted out the 20,000 odd listed bugs in Win98. Win7 to my way of thinking is really just Vista with the bugs taken out... we hope!
  14. SNGX1275

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    Well you could buy Vista, and then get Win 7 for $10 shipping. Then just do the install from 7, then 'upgrade' that to keep your Vista key virgin. Then you'd really have 2 OSes for slightly more than the price of 1. Thats what I did with XP and Vista.
  15. Who in their right mind would buy a brand new engine, (Win7), made for a 2009 model car, and put it in a 2001 car body, (XP), with all the unmatched gear box, suspension, etc, etc. Looney toons to the max!
  16. Time didn't stop when XP was released... I sometimes still purchase current hardware with XP installed, so it is a false assumption that a hardware upgrade is required for Win7.

    The key really is: Will software purchased for XP be compatible with Win7?

    Who would spend $50-$100 to upgrade to 7 and then go out and spend hundreds or perhaps thousands more purchasing "updated" versions of their existing software with the "Certified for Win7" sticker when their current setup is working just fine?

    The problem is that XP finally reached a point of performance and stability that just works and that people are comfortable with and there was no compelling reason to upgrade to Vista nor is there a compelling reason to upgrade to Win7. What? People are going to drop that kind of cash for a flashier interface that by most experienced users' standards is significantly harder to use and navigate? After everything else... a learning curve?

    Win 7 represents a significant improvement over Vista, but still no return on the investment. I predict XP will be the last OS jewel in Microsoft's crown and that their position will be gradually marginalized over the coming years, not unlike "Big Blue" before them. MS will always be around, but their days are numbered as king of the hill.

    David Morris
  17. spikester48661

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  18. spikester48661

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    your right windows xp will be a long lived king ...
  19. JudaZ

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    Actually , have tried Windows 7 beta.... and now the RC1 on my old laptop.
    Has only a 2GHz Celeron and 768RAM ..runs XP and Windows 7 in dual boot.
    ....for me Windows 7 is alot faster then XP so far.

    Didnt belve it would be, but for is.
    and mostly surprised because the hardw3are Im' running it on isnt that great.
    even the "do you want windows to searcxh for drivers" actually worked...first time ever for me.

    Tried it in Windows 7, and 1 minute, the driver was found and installed and it was the correct driver..... so far I'm impressed.

    ...but you never know how bad they will mess up the end product :)
  20. I think everyone is missing the point here. The problem is not about saving some money it is about saving time! I've been backing up my data for 2 weeks now and still have not completed the process. I have years of installed, registered, and setup applications that I downloaded from websites all over the internet. Trying to find all the downloads again, then reinstalling and setting up again will take months! I did not upgrade to Vista because of all the nightmare stories about Vista and knowing many of my apps would not run on Vista. I now have Windows 7 but will take months before I can install and use it. Just think if your in IT and have to do this on lots of computers! Since you can upgrade XP to Vista and Vista to Windows 7, Microsoft should let me enter my valid Windows 7 product key to download Vista so I can upgrade XP to Vista and then upgrade Vista to Windows 7. It is not XP users fault that Vista was so bad that we all waited for Windows 7, it is Microsoft's fault. By not making XP upgrade to Windows 7 is going to make Windows 7 a failure just like Vista was except for different reasons. I really just want my money back for Windows 7 so I can go buy my first MAC.
  21. captaincranky

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    Quite frankly, your data should be off the system drive in the first place. If it was, it simply wouldn't be necessary to back it up, because it wouldn't matter which version of Windows was installed.

    Any programs that you downloaded should have had the setup files burned to disc before there was any attempt made at installing them. Plus writing the product keys down and keeping multiple copies in multiple safe places.

    Plan "B" would have involved buying an using a disc imaging program such as, Acronis "True Image". Oh yeah, and installing and using it.

    And Vista will run XP programs, it will set the compatibility mode to XP automatically, or you can set it manually.

    And BTW, Vista isn't that bad, it just isn't that good, there is a difference.

    And good luck with that Mac Yo, especially with finding "software all over the internet" to run on it!

    And I think that if we all, "missed the point", that you missed it right along with us.
  22. SNGX1275

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    Um.. nobody is forcing you to install Windows 7. If everything works so great for you on XP then stick with it. There is 8 years difference in XP and 7, are you still on your original install of XP? If not then you've done this before, if so then congrads stick with XP because it is serving you well.
  23. raybay

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    Microsoft is a little more wise than in the past.
    What is more, the economy is worser, so Microsoft has to string out some better incentives...
    But not of that free stuff won't last long... As soon as the economy starts to move upward, we will be screwed by overpriced opeating systems once more.
    It does appear that Windows 7 will be as good as Windows XP finally became after Service Pack 2.
  24. LinkedKube

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    IMO M$ had to see this coming and shot themselves in both feet with this one, and possibly once in the arm. XP hasnt been sold on a machine(natively) for what...4 years now, you have to actually ask for it. Then to make an OS that's less demanding than xp and not expect people(the average joe) with 8 year old computers to say "hmm, well if I get win7, my machine will perform even better." Oh but then to deny them of that upgrade.........oooh burn.
  25. i'm pc and windows 7 with no upgrade path from XP was my idea !

    LOL who want's to be intelligent when you can be stupid and still earn money ?
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