Lack of XP to Windows 7 upgrade path causing grief

By Justin ยท 50 replies
Jul 27, 2009
  1. captaincranky

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    That M$ is in it for the money is a given. However, in their defense, have they ever offered a multiple jump OS update?

    Win 7 is basically Vista with better press. However, it seems that they have retreated from "superfetch", back to memory utilization more akin to XP.

    I recently purchased Win 7 for a new computer. As advertised, it is fairly fool proof, nay almost imbecile proof, with respect to installing. The bad news that with respect to things such as the "run" command and managing startup programs, they've made it somewhat "experienced user proof" as well.

    I'm more than a little bemused at public perception between Vista and Windows 7. It seems that the opinion is that Windows 7 is entirely new and revolutionary, when in fact it is nothing more than Vista with the major blunders removed.
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