Lappy upgrade possibilities

By Golf3r
Jun 14, 2006
  1. Laptop upgrade possibilities

    I am getting a "hand-me-down" lappy soon and was wondering what upgrade possibilities there are for the cpu and/or mobo. It is a 2.6 GHz Pentium 4 (I didnt even know they put these things in laptops, and from my experience the laptop is hot as h$ll a few minutes after you turn it on so battery life porbably isnt that good), has 965 random megabytes of memory, a 60 gig HD, and an ATI radeon 900m with 64 megs (kinda sucks). I was wondering if I was able to put maybe an HT processor in it without a new mobo or be able to change the mobo and get the soon-to-be-released core 2 duo. thanks
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    BTW, the laptop is a HP Pavilion ZE5385US. Im guessing it uses the Prescott pentium 4, desktop version. I know now after some looking that I cant slap a core duo or even a pentium m as it wont work with the mobo, but would a pentium 4 HT with the same socket (478) work with my mobo? Would the P4 stock heatsink work well enough to keep an desktop HT cool? Is it even :cool: worth it? I'm trying to keep a sub 200$ upgrade on this thing, and I can find good deals on eBay for the processor. Here are the upgrades so far:

    HITACHI Travelstar 7K60 HTS726060M9AT00 (08K0939) 60GB 7200 RPM ATA-6 Notebook Hard Drive - OEM from Newegg @ 94.99 (its the same capacity of the old hd, but it is 1800 RPM's faster, so is it worth it?)

    a 512 stick of pc2100 notebook @ $50 or so

    then the processor.

    -looking to use for mainly office apps and games like civ4, galciv2, maybe battlefield 2 if i can get an upgraded processor. Any help is appreciated :cool:
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    anyone? some help?
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