Laptop battery stuck at 0%

So I have an acer laptop, its 3 years old and I admit I used it in a hardcore way, for the last couple months I rarely shut this laptop down and I just let it turned on for a week straight with the charger plugged in because I have so much work and also I love palying games. when the problem occurs, the battery was stuck at 90% and keeps draining 1% a day, but one day when I play fallout 3 my laptop turned off all of a sudden and when I restarted it the battery says 5% and still keeps draining 1% a day. and now it reached 0% and it also reaches the point where my laptop can't live without me plugging in the charger. I know the solution is changing to a new battery but I am still low on money and since my laptop still can be used when its plugged in to the charger, I don't have any plans to change to a new battery rn. the problem I wanna ask is my laptop seems to be relying on the 0% number so even tho it is plugged in, I can't still play video games smoothly.

is there any ways to improve the performance even though my battery is stuck at 0%. I wonder if I could like manipulate the number or maybe crank up the performance since the battery percentage won't charge up. not tech savvy here so bare with me, thank you for your attention! appreciate all the helps