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Laptop dv9000 hp pavillion lid power problem

By ocylus
Apr 26, 2010
  1. ok so i have a dv9000 hp pavillion with win vista 32 home premium, actually the laptop is a 9500 series but that shouldnt matter to much, just for some of you to pinpoint the problem more accurately.

    First of all thanks for reading and trying to diagnose this wierd problem.

    Problem is as states:

    i originally found a problem with my laptop shortly turning it off one day, the problem was that when i closed the lid on the laptop shortly after it would shut down, as in not sleep, but i could hear the hdd awkardly turn on, hear the fan, then it would kick off and i could hear the hdd loose power, like if you were to unplug a 2.5 from a usb connection.

    passed it as a power issue and quickly went into the power settings to make sure that hybrid hybernation was turned off, that sleep was the only option for lid closings, and there were no timers on and everything is how it should have been and dismissed the problem once again.

    shortly after noticing this problem it, the power issue when i close the lid, became more of an instant thing, like it would try to sleep only to have the computer go into a state loosing power all together as i shut the lid, or something to that effect.

    so i thought that the lid option or some .sys driver may have failed, or became corrupt over several years of using my laptop, so i decided to venture into the old manual and box get the system restore disks and proceed, unfortuantely this didnt fix the problem either.

    so i have elimenated several things so far, one itts not the power options, two its not the OS itself, so i thought it may be something else, and started to just shut the computer down when i had to close the lid, but to my suprise even if i shut the comptuer down via the Fn + Fx button or the start/shutdown option and waited untill the computer fully shut down and then closed the lid it still did the same thing, as i would close the lid, it would power on only briefly then shut off as if it would totally loose power.

    so now i am at a standstill and am asking for some help as i have no idea what this is other than the lid switch or something more familiar with these laptop models and it being something more of the internal hardware.

    any help will work and i can post any type of diagnostic data needed.


    ps. the laptop is officially a dv9547cl with a C2D 1.8 ghz processor, 2 gb of ddr2 667 mhz, two hdds, one has been replaced, the os drive, a 250 gb wd black 16 mb cache, and the second is the factory installed hitatchi 120 gb storage drive, both independent from each other.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    Have you tried restoring the laptop to the original purchased state? Or even doing a Windows Restore to an earlier time?
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