laptop harddrive drivers

By robbie12345
Oct 31, 2007
  1. i would like to try re-install windows vista on my laptop.. it previously had vista but now an error message comes up "operating system not found".. what does that mean?
    also..i can insert the windows vista instalation disc and im able to click on the "install now " button on vista and then i enter the product key, and then another error message comes up "can not load drivers for harddrive you can load the drivers from a disc or a usb device" but i do not have the drivers for the harddrive, and when i click on the "loaddrivers " tab in the "mycomputer folder" theres a "bootx" folder/file and so iv search though it and found the system32 folder..would the drivers be somewhere in one of the folders in the system32 folder?..or what drivers do ineed for my laptop to reconise that there is harddrive properly connected to my laptop..and help would do... you can email me at

    sendmegoatpornspamplease@spamholedomain.fake ....can anyone tell me what driver i need for my harddrive...and where i can find it.. the link to it would be helpfull thanx

    Edit: Obfuscated e-mail address -- Nodsu
  2. Nodsu

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    Didn't your laptop come with any restore CDs? Maybe there is some key combination you an press to restore the machine to the factory state? Read The Friendly Manual :)

    Also, there is always the option that your hard drive has died and simply does not work anymore.
  3. Didou

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    You could also check the BIOS to see if there's a Native SATA option that you can turn off so that your drive will be detected as a simple IDE drive.
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