Laptop keeps disabling wireless adapter

  1. Recently my laptop has been disabling the wireless adapter every day at least 5 times a day. Its so frustrating as I have to restart my computer for it to re enable anyone have any help they can offer?
    im new to this stuff so if I need to provide anything please tell me how to do so thanks and have a good day.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Can you re-enable without restarting? This article shows how:

    If that doesn't solve the issue and depending on the laptop and the operating system, it may be:
    - a 'power saving' setting run amok (check all your power saving settings)
    - corrupted drivers (remove and reinstall)
    - overheating (look up youtube vid for your system on cleaning out the dust bunnies)
    - failing hardware (many laptops can have wireless component replaced cheaply)

    Keep careful notes as you troubleshoot.
    Provide system specifics and detailed symptoms to get more help.

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