Laptop keyboard hardware problem or Virus?

By wakwak1214 ยท 27 replies
Jul 10, 2011
  1. Bobbye

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    The warped keyboard isn't going to work. Trying to use it is only going to frustrate you. Do you have access to another computer you can use til Sept? And you could start backing up your files.
  2. wakwak1214

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    I've got a USB one I can use for now which is fine. I have a desktop I can use.
    School term starts in September so I'll definitely need one for teaching purposes. I just ordered the keyboard part from ebay for 20$. It'll take about 15 business days. I'm waiting for the back-to-school sale in August before I get a new laptop.
    I backed up everything before I took it apart to have a look (just in case it didn't turn back on)
  3. Bobbye

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    Good decision! To commiserate with you: I ordered a Dell Mini last summer. Couldn't understand why I always had a line of ggggggggggg when I typed that key. So I started checking it out and realized it had no 'push' to it- so it didn't 'push' and release. That key is right smack in the middle of the keyboard- easy to hit partially. I ended up having Dell replace the entire keyboard! Wouldn't touch it until it was fixed.

    I hope the new keyboard works out for you.
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