Laptop LCD monitor convertion to standard VGA

By Bob · 8 replies
Nov 12, 2004
  1. First off Ill say hi and I havent really done any serious forums before but id like to get some advice from anyone who can help.

    Allright lets see if I can Explain this properly.

    It all started with a Compaq which I found out was my first mistake. But after time the screen fell off this laptop. Yes, it fell off and I performed an autopsy to find the Hinges were extremly tight which cracked the metal supports and the entire screen fell off.

    Being the recourseful guy that i am i want to use the LCD screen again as a second display but it uses a special plug. I am able to splice them to the DB-15 connector.

    Now this is where i need the help. I need to figure out the pin-out of that laptop screen and the standard pin out on a VGA DB-15.

    So if anyone thinks they can help me please post a response and i can give more information about the various components involved. if you have a website that could help i appreciate it.

    And if you think that this is the wrong place to ask these kinds of questions please let me know.
  2. Nodsu

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    I don't think the laptop screens use analog VGA unless it's a really ancient one. You may be able to rig it to a DVI maybe.
  3. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    This thread may be of some use to you:

    but, I don't think it would be worth it to tell the truth.

    Laptop LCD screens are linked almost directly to the graphics card (i.e. a straight-thru digital connection) so you would need to either convert to Analog to plug into your graphics card, or make a DVI adapter. Also you need to consider how to actual power such a screen, as they usually have an invertor built into the laptops power circuitry, and even when you have done all this it would be cheaper, easier and more attractive just to buy one (15" TFT monitors are like £150, 17" around £200)

    In my opinion you should just sell the screen/laptop for spares and buy a TFT Monitor.
  4. Bob

    Bob TS Rookie Topic Starter

    First off thanks for the reply, the forum and the response but it looks as though i need to give a little more explination. i dont think that using an LCD screen would work for me but thanks for the tip.

    What i am looking to do is to use the LCD part and not the backlighting so i dont need much of the controller that is there in the screen anyway. I will have to look into it more but the other thing that needs to happen is to have a setup that has minimal power needs. But based on what ive read i need to go back to the drawing board. thanks for you time though.

    Another question that i had is if you were to figure out how the pins on the LCD screen worked wouldnt you be able to configure some drivers to use LCD screen despite how the pins would be plugged into the unit. I understand that it would be an involved process but its just a thought. If anyone knows about that i would be grateful.
  5. Nodsu

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    The DVI pins have very specific assignments (it is a standard after all) and they are pretty much hardwired into the video controller. There is no software to help you.
  6. zero-d

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    I have the same problem, any luck?

    Here is a link to a pic where they make this connection successfully!

    Also "in car" DVD/computer rigs use 15 pin VGA into the LCD in dash. I sent an email to a company I found online asking about it. We'll see what they say.

    I have about 40 LCD monitors so it would be great to make a 4-6 monitor array! Even a decent expense would be cheaper than just about any 4 LCD desktop screens IF POSSIBLE that is. Hell, I'll give someone a pile of LCD screens, if they pay to ship, who can direct me to a product or solution on this relatively economically!

  7. jimrod

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  8. Nodsu

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    Way to go resurrecting a thread over a year old.
  9. Los Bastardo

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    Hey. Stumbled on this thread and have a question on topic to this.

    if I take the wiring coming from the motherboard on one laptop and try to splice an LCD from the SAME MODEL of laptop will I potentially be able to have syncrhonus displays?

    My situation:

    I have some old junker laptops. Real ancient. I want to split the cable from the motherboard on one to feed to two screens displaying the same image on both. Will this be a huge problem because they're the same IBM Thinkpad model number?

    And without looking at the wiring right now (I'm at work, the hardware is at home) whats the estimated level of difficulty on this operation?
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