Laptop Power Failure!! Please respond with any ideas!!!

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Dec 16, 2007
  1. Okay, so I just bought my SECOND Gateway Platinum Edition Laptop Model MX6450 and have only had it a couple of months and all of a sudden, it does not want to power up.

    I first bought one brand new from Best Buy when they first came out in 2005, loved it, but after about a year, the internal ac/dc jack solder came loose and eventually that laptop ended up throwing itself at the wall (or so I like to tell people).

    However, because I loved the laptop and had originally narrowed my purchase of that particular laptop from a list of potential laptops of 20, I wanted another one (yes, I was aware the jack thing was a common issue with this particular model). So, found a good deal on eBay for another MX6450 and received it about two months ago. Everything was going great until the other day, when, POOF, right in the middle of something it shuts off, no warning, no booting down, just there one minute and gone the next. Pulled battery and battery meter (this battery has a little button on the underside and when you push it it tells you in increments of 25 how much battery life is available, well it was flashing 25. Plugged in AC Adapter and indicatory light showed steady charging. After 24 hours, battery still dead. Also, isn't laptop supposed to be able to run off just adapter if there is no battery in it? because it doesn't. However, it is NOT the ac/dc thing like last time, because it is not acting like it did last time, the connection seems stable. Now, if i try to turn it on when it shows the adapter is connected and charging the battery, it gets to the startup screen where it gives you the "Press F2 for advanced startup options' but then pops off again!

    I have ordered another battery but if anyone has any ideas in case that doesn't fix it, i would love to hear from ya!
  2. raybay

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    Could be anything, since it is refurbished. CPU fan or case cooling fan has quit; memory has become defective; hard drive is bad (my choice); power adapter has failed (which you can test with a decent meter); inverter to screen has burned out; screen itself has failed; or too much dirt and hair have accumulated.
    Most can be tested by replacement parts.
    Trouble shooting a failed laptop is difficult without a parts bench that enables you to trade out parts for testing.
  3. Thrudd

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    Just a note one one bad assumption.

    Most laptops will NOT boot without a battery. Those darn power packs might have enough juice to run the thing and enough extra to recharge the pack BUT when a lappy starts up it draws a heck of a lot of power spinning up the drives and all that fun stuff.

    Do you still have the pack from the bounced unit? If thats still usable I would try that one in the new lappy.

    Those 25% power indicators are not very accurate so don't trust them as far as you can throw them... just don't throw them >.<

    I also had the same issue with a much older laptop and the issue resolved to near dead battery pack ... not quite dead yet spells eternal headaches.

    If you cant replace the battery pack BUT can get your hands on a more powerful (ie more AMPs supply but exact same voltage and connector) power adapter then give that a try and see if you can boot up without the battery installed. (that was my solution for my old system)
  4. Tedster

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    I would disagree. Many will boot without a battery just fine.

    Why don't you just get the component resoldered at a repair shop? The repair might be stronger and your computer will be better off.
  5. Thrudd

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    Now I didn't say all will have that issue, so I agree with you that with some (but not all) newer laptops, they will run just fine without a battery installed.

    I am just giving due warning that it is not always the case - forewarned is forearmed or some such parable =/

    If you can save a dollar then you have earned at least $5 or more depending on your tax rates .... XD ... just don't tell the texman or he'll tax that too. =P
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