Laptop screen turned off

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just found this website. thanks.
i have accidentaly turned the latop screen off on my dell 505. i am using windows xp.
any suggestions for a fix? thanks, in advance beckhousehold1


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Pleae describe in more detail what you did to turn it off.
One way is to press the on button then repeatedly press the F1, F2, or F12 keys... they will eventually get you to a place where you can fix.
If you get nothing when you boot and press one of those three keys, you have a serious problem that will require technical knowledge... or a review of all the materials Dell makes available online for the people who purchase their computers,
Good luck
Thanks for the reply and advice. I found bits and pieces of your advice on the website and fell into the bios and reboot the entire system and so far have the screen back. Now i need to download drivers and updates.

Again thanks, for your help. beckhousehold1
Not open for further replies.