Laptop suddenly extremely sluggish

By TampaCT
Mar 29, 2009
  1. First let me start out by saying that this is the most amazing site in the world. Why have I discovered this only now that I’m in trouble?

    I believe that my laptop is infected. It is suddenly extremely sluggish. Explorer in particular is problematic. It continuously “locks up” and then closes itself. Before discovering this site I did the following. This is dramatic from the same laptop's operation just days before.

    1) Downloaded and installed Symantec’s Norton 360. I ran a complete scan twice and it only found a few minor threat tracking cookies that I allowed it to remove.

    2) Downloaded and installed Ad-Aware ran a complete scan and it only found a few tracking cookies which it quarantined.

    3) I went to Microsoft update at and downloaded their latest update and patch. Or what I thought at the time was the latest patch. * as a note: I went back to the site after doing your 8 steps as I was trying to write this post to see what the patch I downloaded was, at this time I discovered that there were two more patches both of whom I downloaded and ran (see # 8).

    4) I then downloaded the latest version of Explorer 8.

    5) I found this site and followed your 8 steps. By this time things are getting progressively worse. I am having to do and redo steps because it is repeatedly closing the explorer window and locking up. I get blank explorer windows that show nothing. Down loading the programs for these scan programs is an exercise in do and redo until I doesn’t lockup or shut down.

    I then found your site and from your 8 steps:
    1) I ran my Norton 360 premier for a complete scan it showed nothing but a few cookies.
    2) I downloaded the CCleaner and ran it twice. I even had it whipe the blank space.
    3) I disabled my Norton 360.
    4) I downloaded and ran the Malwarebytes. It showed nothing please see attached log.
    5) I downloaded and ran the super anti-spyware. It showed 6 trojan worms and 6 tracking cookies. Half of these were associated with the Adaware. I clicked for the program to quarantine all of the threats. Please see the attached log.
    6) I downloaded the latest Java update. This one took many repeated attempts to finally get through but it is done.
    7) I downloaded and ran the Hijack this. Please see the attached log.
    8) When I was preparing this to post, *I went back to the site and discovered that there was still updates that I had not downloaded. So I downloaded those. I am now attaching the logs to the scans for someone who knows to tell me what’s wrong.

    The laptop is still strikingly slow (maybe worse). It took me multiple attempts to download the windows updates. I often have explorer “not responding” in my task manager. I am so frustrated, someone please help me get my system clean. I know that it has to be infected but I cannot imagine re-doing the operating system. That would be almost unimaginable.

    Someone please look at my logs and give me some feedback. I know of nothing to do with the exception of re-doing all these steps again which I will be doing after posting these logs.

    Thanks again for this god sent site and anyone who can help me! What a great Tech community for providing this help and expertise.

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  2. Spyder_1386

    Spyder_1386 TS Booster Posts: 498

    hi TampaCT

    Your biggest problem is that when you downloaded Norton 360 to try and cure yourself of viruses (virii), you actually installed the biggest virus in the world. Norton is rubbish. Uninstall it now and run the 8-step virus removal tool again with one of the recommended AVs.

    Spyder_1386 :)
  3. 9Nails

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    First of all, backup your computer before things get worse!!! Save your files, bookmarks, any product keys for programs that you've downloaded, pictures, etc... If you have the program install CD's, don't both to save those programs, just the work you've done.

    Now, viruses of late, try to prevent you from cleaning them off. I'm surprised that an infection let you do all those checks. Why do you think it's virus, do you recall any specific sites that may have triggered an infection of certain files that you may have downloaded? Have you noticed any unusual network activity? (rapid blinking network LED lights when the computer is just sitting there doing nothing...) The 6 Trojans could just be false positives. You're right to be alert and stay considered. It's just that what ever you have seems awfully permissive in letting you run these repair tools.

    Make sure that your RAM is working well. You can use Windows Memory Diagnostic if you have access to a working computer that allows you to burn a disk.

    Run a disk diagnostic.

    If you're using an Ethernet cable, try a new cable.
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