Laptop to TV screen resolution issues

By ryan29121
Sep 16, 2008
  1. I having some trouble getting the right screen resolution from hooking up my laptop to my 40" LCD samsung HDtv. My laptop has a x1600 graphics card with a DVI out and the tv has a VGA in so I have to hook it up with a DVI to VGA adaptor. When I hook it up, specify that I want a second monitor with a mirrored image, I get a picture on the tv but its much smaller than the entire 40" (more like a 32" screen size). I tried messing around with the settings on the graphics card like selecting extended desktop, but then i cant get a video to play on the second monitor just on the main laptop screen. Is there a way I can hook it up so I can utilize the entire TV? Thanks in advance for your help regarding this issue.
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