Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Review: A Core M tablet-laptop hybrid

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Feb 2, 2015
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    It was more than two years ago that Lenovo announced the ThinkPad Helix, a detachable tablet-laptop hybrid that promised decent performance, lengthy battery life, and a slew of useful business-centric features. The ability to use the Helix as either a tablet or a laptop, each quite portable, made it a great alternative to the flexible Yoga Ultrabook line for the worker on the go.

    The hybrid Windows 8.1 device hasn’t received an update until now due to a simple fact: the lack of new silicon from Intel. But now that low-power Broadwell Core M CPUs are out, Lenovo is back with a refresh. The new ThinkPad Helix features largely the same feature set as its predecessor, but Lenovo claims it’s now 15% slimmer and will last several hours longer on battery.

    It’s also much cheaper, with Lenovo shaving over $500 off the price of the original to help it become a more affordable and much more compelling option.

    Read the complete review.

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  2. Kibaruk

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    I still feel the almost 1k pricetag is a bit steep, specially after reading about the cheap "add-on" that is the keyboard.

    Also on the throttling, I think it's because when you use it as a tablet you are web surfing, checking a mail, maybe some light work on it but... when you put it in the dock even if it has no added battery it means business! so it will bump a bit for when you might need that extra clock.
  3. The Ultrabook Pro keyboard was actually unavailable when you wrote the review; it went on sale - for $399.99 - the day after you published it (February 3rd), and there appears to be no way to order the Helix without the basic Ultrabook keyboard.
  4. Kibaruk

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    Really???? A keyboard/dock that costs as much as a "cheap" notebook? wow
  5. It's the only game in town if you're partial to trackpoints, there is literally no competition, and unlike the original Helix, it includes the full set of trackpoint buttons. Also, in addition to keyboard+ultranav, it includes extra ports and a battery. Besides, $400 is the list price - Lenovo regularly has massive discounts, not to mention the outlet.
  6. There is some competition now. The Toshiba Portege Z20t is available with a track point w/ buttons, 2 styli, extra keyboard battery, common ports, and seems to be priced just a bit cheaper for comparable specs. Unfortunately, there are very few reviews out there so far. The loose screen connection has been mentioned by a couple people, which doesn't sound good; but, on the whole, it looks like a great hybrid device. I'm tempted to buy, but really want to hear more practical usage reviews from any early adopters.
  7. Phoneutria

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    Are there good alternatives to Helix? I'm looking for 2in1 laptop/tablet where tablet is detachable in same way from keyboard as Helix and could be connected in same way as in screenshot.
    http://psref.lenovo.com/PSREFUploadFile/Sys/Image/Think Tablets _ Convertibles/ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen/ThinkPad Helix Ultrabook Pro KBD_Hero_03.jpg
    Satellite Click 2 looks like a good alternative, but it's heavy.

    Oh, the reason why I don't like Helix2 is price of course, I'm ok to pay 900€ with keyboard, but not over 1000€.
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