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Lenovo video driver serious trouble

  1. it started when i removed some malware

    then after i reboot my pc shows a 640 x800 or something like that

    when i unistall my video adapters

    my monitor became normal again (with a resolution of 1024 x 768)

    and when i use driver easy i download my

    Mobile Intel 4 series express family

    my monitor goes back to 640x800

    now every time i download my video drivers it just goes back to my ugly resolution

    how can i fix this problem? is this problem something connected with my WARCRAFT 3?

    because my warcraft 3 say's "unavailable to initialize" because of my direct x im using direct x 10 and when i run dxdiag my directx features are "not available"

    my pc is
    >>>>LENOVO 3000 G430 20008

    and there's a yellow triangle in my other devices

    >>>>Base system Device
    >>>>Base system Device
    >>>>Video Controller
    >>>>Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

    any ideas how to solved this? if you need any other information concerning my problem im going to give it to you..
  2. pjamme

    pjamme TS Enthusiast Posts: 208

    Always helpful to state your OS first.

    You definitely need to install drivers for the Base system Devices. Did you get a driver CD with your notebook or do you have a restore partition? if so go to device manager and click on the yelow item and right mouse on it and select: "Update driver" let it search for the driver, may take quite long. If successful with thiose two then try the unkown and then re-install your video driver, making sure you have the correct version, are you positive it is Mobile Intel 4 series express family?
  3. imnotatechie12

    imnotatechie12 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for viewing my reply

    yes im positive its Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Family is my video driver. Every time i use a driver scanner its always Mobile Intel Series Express Family driver. I even downloaded it from my manufacturer.

    The "Base System Device" is gone now

    >>>>Video Controller
    >>>>Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

    the problem with my video driver (Plug and Play Monitor and Mobile Intel 4 series Express Chipset Family) is every time i install it my resolution will be stuck at 640 x 480 16 colors lowest 4 bit and when i max my resolution for (ex. 1280 x 700) there will be no changes and it will just go back to 640 x 480
    the ending is i will just uninstall my display adapters to go back at my Default Monitor (1028 x 768)

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