Legion 5 15ARH05H Type-C Video Output Stopped Working

I have a Legion 5 15ARH05H laptop. Specs shows that type-c is capable of video output.


I was always able to use it for portable monitors until earlier today. I unplugged the cable of my portable monitor from the type-c port of the laptop few hours ago. When I plugged it back after about 45 minutes later it cannot detect any of my portable monitors after. My portable monitor cannot receive any signal. HDMI port is still working and is the one connected to my main monitor. I tried different cables to no avail. The portable monitors I use are all tested working today using different laptops, smart phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 9) and tablet (Tab S8 Ultra). No new settings were changed. All drivers are on latest update (2024/01/02). Lenovo Vantage Hardware Scan did not detect any defect or issue. Device Manager was checked no drivers issue. USB controller was restarted but, issue still persists.What I find strange is that the type-c port of my Legion 5 15ARH05H laptop is still working on data transfer. I am still able to use type-c hub and transfer files back and forth via USB flash drives and external 2.5 HDD. It is only the display capability that stopped working today.