Lenovo's Yoga X features an HDMI input, allowing the Android tablet to double as a portable...


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Why it matters: Android tablets have seen huge improvements over the years, but even the best slates from the likes of Samsung struggle to compete against the iPads and their excellent iPadOS. However, Lenovo’s next tablet, presumably the Yoga X, has a trick up its sleeve: it doubles as a portable monitor.

XDA spotted a Lenovo post on Chinese social media site Weibo showing an Android tablet with an HDMI input. The device is hooked up to a docked Nintendo switch running Mario Kart Deluxe 8, though it would work with other consoles and compatible machines, including laptops.

There were rumors of a Yoga X capable of being used a second monitor last year. It appears that the tablet in the picture is the same one.

While there are several Android tablets with HDMI outputs, HDMI inputs are scarce. There are slate-sized external monitors available, but the Lenovo Yoga X appears to offer the best of both worlds.

There’s no word yet on the Yoga X’s price, release date, or if it will be available outside of China.

While Samsung dominates the Android tablet space in the same way it does with phones, Lenovo offers some viable alternatives to the Galaxy lineup. The excellent Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is one of our top picks in the tablet buying guide thanks to its 1600 x 2560 (263 PPI) OLED screen and $399 starting price. The company also makes the Smart Tab M10 HD (2nd-gen), a great choice for kids.

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An interesting idea, though is it still powering the rest of the internals while acting as a monitor? If the processor et al are chewing up battery in the background while it's doing that it reduces the effectiveness of the setup.


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Would be cool if the touchscreen drivers were accessible in some way. You could plug a raspberry pi into it and have a portable Real Linux(TM) experience.


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I always felt android tablets should have had 2x USB ports plus HDMI, so you can charge it while using OTG functions/devices. When my pc died, I used my Nvidia Shield tablet as a makeshift pc. it was linked to a 23inch monitor plus my 8TB hardrive and keyboard and mouse. It's a shame Nvidia never made a successor to it