Lexmark 9500 series cartridge problem

By wmkellettjj2
Oct 7, 2016
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  1. I recently bought a used Lexmark X9575 multi-function printer. It worked perfectly for about eight months, then the printing started fading and getting white streaks, like it wasn't getting sufficient ink. I ran a couple of cartridge cleans, when that didn't rectify the problem I removed the cartridges and wiped the inkjet surfaces with a a damp cloth, as outlined in the user guide.

    Since performing this operation I have been getting a message about an alignment problem. I've tried removing the cartridges and reloading them into the clips but the message does no go away. I've tried new, non-Lexmark cartridges but to no avail. Currently Lexmark no longer offers any tech support for this model. Can anyone out there help me straighten this out?
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    "I have been getting a message about an alignment problem"... Have you run the alignment procedure?
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