LG C1 48" OLED Review: PC Gaming on a TV

I have C1 at home. The biggest problem with this TV is greyed out CLARITY settings when connected to PC. Any video (YT, movies) played from PC suffers BIG stuttering.

My 5 years old LG TV was capable of using TruMotion when conneted to PC. This is HUGE drawback.

If you compare YT video played on PC and on native LG TV app it is clear how motion picture experience (outside games) is horrible on PC.

When this will be fixed? Until then I do not recommend this TV for PC content consumption.
I see many people asking about desk setup, placement, and size. I have a pretty huge desk,
Autonomous 70.5" x 30" XL, but I also work from home a lot and would not want to use the monitor as a main display, since I also use a 35" Ultrawide and 3 27" inch panels. (there are 2 PCs at play here)

I had been looking for ideas and other people's setups with the C1 with multiple monitors, but couldn't find any examples. So I have decided to use the C1 on a separate desk to the right of the main setup. I have done this because the C1 will only be used to mainly for AAA gaming and other media consumption.

When I got it, I wasn't sure how this was gonna work out but it's fine for now. I am leaning towards wall mounting it behind the main desk since the other 4 panels are on monitor arms and able to be swung around and out of the way when not used.