LG G3 Review: A worthy contender in the high-end Android race

By Scorpus ยท 9 replies
Jul 21, 2014
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  1. amstech

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    The 1440p display is overkill for such a small screen but it its a cool bragging right if your one of those special kind of dbags. Looks like the G2 has the same performance and much better battery life with a 1080p display, could be my next phone when my contract ends in Sept.
    Great review, TY.
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  2. Jad Chaar

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    Nice review but like I have said time and time again, keep the videos short. Maybe make them a quick look rather than a full on review.

    Just another edge on marketing. Big numbers are the marketing team's friend.
  3. Lionvibez

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    Agreed nice phone but the 1440p is not needed more battery life is.
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  4. An excellent review by Tim as always.

    Anandtech points out that the display panel of G3 is inferior quality even if it has more pixel density. Also, the games at 1440p of G3 will run slower than 1080p of G2. Due to overheating, the GPU throttles down more often and the phone slows down considerably. This concludes that G3 is actually a pointless phone. But people can get G2 at heavily discounted rate and load a G3 ROM. That is a killer combination. Best of both worlds.
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  5. Scorpus

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    I heard about this and tested it through the GFXBench battery benchmark. In this benchmark it tells you if the score output drops over the lengthy course of the test, as well as telling you how long the phone will last.

    Despite what AnandTech reported, I didn't see a performance drop off at any stage throughout the test.
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  6. I was very surprised how much I fell in love with my LG Motion last year when my old phone was stolen. Since then, I have purchased an LG monitor for my gaming and art. Very pleased. I was not always a fan of LG before these two purchases.

    I have had my eye on this phone. My birthday was Saturday. So guess what I'll be getting?
  7. Nicolech35

    Nicolech35 TS Rookie

    LG phones are becoming so amazing. They have really stepped up their game. I'm very impressed with both the LG G2 and LG G3. Thank you for your very informative review.
  8. Adhmuz

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    Picked one if these up late last month, had to replace my phone which was starting to have trouble maintaining signal and would not receive calls at times. So far I'm more than happy with it, got it for free with Fido dollars, woot, apparently it took 6 months to become available, it was being advertised as a "New" phone still, but that's how crumby Fido is and this is a known fact. It was a toss up between the G3, M8 and S5, the M8 would have been $100 more and the S5 $350, again this is Fido being special or trying to gouge for the more popular phones.

    What sold me was the 1440p display, it's just so damn crispy, and unlike the majority of people I don't particularly like the over saturated AMOLED's on the competitors, and side by side prefer the proper representation of white on the G3. Unfortunately the battery doesn't last as long, however I don't game on my phone and find the screen almost always readable on auto mode which will get me well over a day of use, if not 2 days at times.

    Design wise I feel the G3 is far ahead of the competitors with it's sleek button-less face and edges, no more am I accidentally turning my phone off because of the power button being where I hold the edges of the phone. Sliding in and out of jean pockets is very easy, however while driving it can be a scramble to get it out of pocket for emergency purposes. Build quality feels high with very little flex when twisted or folded, minus the faux metal backplate, although this is not a concern of mine seeing as I never look at it, one positive I can see is it won't get dented by things in my pocket like previous aluminum bodied phones I've owned.

    One thing that would have been nice to include is IP67 rating similar to the S5, with the lack of side buttons and the simple nature of the back panel buttons I don't see it being terrible hard to water proof the device. A plug for the usb port and headphone jack would just about do it.

    Overall I'm very impressed by this phone, although I'm getting it late seeing as the G4 is already just a couple months away (likely 9-10 months for Fido) I feel as a free upgrade it will be more than sufficient. However I doubt the next gen of phones will be more than 1440p and besides the standard increase in MP count and slight boost in CPU clock speed (some rumors claim LG might opt for their own octa core part too) the G4 won't be revolutionary enough to eclipse my decision any time soon.
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