LG GSA-H55N software does not support Windows 98SE?

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Feb 15, 2008
  1. I have a LG GSA-H55N DVD Rewriter which I bought to backup my hard drive & store my data before getting rid of the French version of Windows 98SE, which I think was missing things & replace it with an English version.

    My computer a Pent II 333 MHz recognizes the drive as a HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N & works just fine as a CD-Rom. My problem is that the software that came with it does not support Windows 98SE & both the paperwork & the CD both state to contact LG for Windows & DOS support. Of course they come back & say that they do not!! (Power DVD, Power Producer, Nero Express)

    All I want to do is be able to backup my data & download programs for later installation as I have found you cannot Install from C: to C:, in a pinch I could download to my D: DOS FAT16 drive & install from there maybe but have not tried that yet.

    There must be something out there that will let me get this unit to Burn, but I have not been able to find it on my own yet, then maybe I don't know what I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a bad case of JS/Downloader.Agent & the only cure is to wipe the drive & start from scratch I guess. I hope this is the right Forum for this, but this is my 1st Thread. :blush:

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    hi welcome to the site.
    You could try a free burning program such as the one below.

    As for the JS/Downloader.Agent try making a thread under the Malware thread someone may be able to help you with that as i dont know much about it :)

    hope this helps :)

  3. KrisMcNic2!

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    Thanks for the info James. I have been looking for weeks for some info but then I probably did not know what I was looking for. I will give it a try & come back later & give you an update. :D

    How I found you guys was looking for information on what this JS/Downloader.agent was, so I guess it was a piece of Malware that did me more good than harm in a left-handed way. I've followed a few Threads on it & hope I know how to deal with it with the big wipe & reinstall, which I wanted to do anyway to get my system up & running in the King's English instead of what I think was poorly translated French.

    Thanks again;

  4. KrisMcNic2!

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    Back again James. Well EXPRESS BURN from NCH.com was a bust :( I have spent the whole day trying to get it to work with no luck!

    I tried to download it & then Install it from a Temp Folder that I created & it loaded or appeared to but I got numerous warnings from AVG that it had detected JS/Downloader.Agent, as a matter of fact the 1st Pop up was on entering their site!

    I tried numerous times to Burn files & it would come back with that it was successful, but when I went to check the E: drive there was nothing there! Thinking that maybe I had done something wrong :blush: I Uninstalled the whole package & went back again & Installed it on the fly. Again no luck & this time I tried all different kinds of combinations of files.

    I am using a CD-RW disk & am left dragging from the file to the Express Burner table top & everything looks OK!! . But it will not copy "WMV" files, "JPG" files, "PDF" files, I even tried to copy my "Favorites" folder & all I got was the folder with nothing in it. I even tried copying "Favorites" by dragging them one by one, using about 20 as a test & still nothing. The ultimate Test was I tried copying every type of file in one session & all I got was the empty "Favorites" folder.

    It does not support Progressive copies as it will not copy!! unless it cleans the disk 1st :blackeye: & even if I use Verify it will come back that everything has loaded except for an empty folder that I created as part of the test, but when you go back to the disk it says that it is full but there is nothing there. Am I doing something wrong?? :blush: It will not support a DVD data disk in their literature & I can see no Backup feature, but that is beside the point right now. I had it set as CD Data & all that comes back is the disk Label that I created called "Test" & the empty "Favorites" folder :confused:

    Unless you or somebody else has some suggestions I guess I will just have to keep on looking for something that will work or I can make work.

    Well it is back to GOOGLE & maybe "Burner" will work. Because until I get something to work I am dead in the water!!

    Chris :)

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    it was a long shot at best lol. i think chris that the best thing to do is get an upgrade on the OS i.e. XP home or Pro. these have burning software on it which you can drag and drop files into.

    i think that 98 is a little to old for the external drives :(

    sorry if i find anything i will let you know

    james :)
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